Starting A Business with Dogs At 19

by chloe3200 in Catshill, England, United Kingdom

Starting A Business with Dogs At 19
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My aim is to provide trustworthy and professional services to look after animals while their owners are at work or are away.

by chloe3200 in Catshill, England, United Kingdom

I can be the difference between people keeping their dog or losing them!

Originally, I started this business for a bit of pocket money and experience while I was at college doing my Level 3 BTEC National Diploma in Animal Management. However, I fell in love with what I did and all the dogs I worked with, so in the end I decided I wanted to turn this into a full time job. 

Dog walking may sound easy and fun, but there are many challenges, and it isn't just walking a dog for someone every now and again. Sometimes I can be the difference between people keeping their dog or losing them. Many people work long shifts and can't give their dog important care during that time. E.g. feeding them or letting them out for the toilet. Furthermore, elderly people can't always get out to take their dog for a walk, which is where I come in. 

I have many dreams for my businesses future, but unfortunately everything costs money. One day, I hope to have a proper van to transport dogs in safety and in larger numbers so I can serve more people at once. Also, I hope to be able to get a secure field for the dogs to run around in freely and safety which they may not be able to do on a normal walk. 

Recently, I have begun offering basic dog training services, but I would like to be able to do more advanced training sessions. However, that would require training which I cannot afford at the moment. Dog training is often the difference between a difficult or nervous dog being given away or not. I would love to be able to help people train and get to know their dogs better so they don't have to give them up to someone else. 

Please support my business so I can grow my business and help more people keep their much loved dogs.

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