Chloe’s cancer treatment

by Katherine Johnson-Miller in Hove, England, United Kingdom

Chloe’s cancer treatment
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So it’s been a pretty difficult week.After years of pain and infertility I had surgery on the 18th Feb and found out I have extensive end...

by Katherine Johnson-Miller in Hove, England, United Kingdom

So it’s been a pretty difficult week.

After years of pain and infertility I had surgery on the 18th Feb and found out I have extensive endometriosis and will need further bowel surgery and then a week later we found out our beautiful dog Chloe has cancer.

We rescued Chloe and Hollie about 2 1/2 years ago and Hollie was incredibly unwell, we tried everything we could but couldn’t save her and she left us after only 3 weeks.

Chloe was so sad to lose her best pal but has really thrived with us: she has lost weight (going from 12kg to 8.5kg) gained confidence and blossomed into a wonderful happy dog who loves her frisbee. She has had a number of treatments over the years which we have funded: teeth removed, lumps tested and removed, digestive problems, heart murmur tests; but all in all she is pretty healthy.

The vet was doing a routine check and noticed a lump on her anal gland which unfortunately is cancerous. We don’t know if it has spread and the only way to find out is tests.

Initial estimated costs are £1500 for the CT scan and £2500 for anal gland removal if the cancer is only there. If it has spread there will be further costs. We have an appointment with the specialist oncologist on Monday 9th March which is £350, we will then know what tests and surgery/treatment will be done.

We want to save Chloe and would appreciate any help. 

Any funds not needed will either be refunded or paid to Saving Cavaliers UK which is the Facebook group we initial rescued the dogs from.  

After getting blood clots 9 years ago I retrained as a therapist and over the last few years Chloe has become an integral part of my work and is a fabulous therapy dog. She gives so much to my clients and they would be devastated to lose her. 

She has so much more life to live.

Thank you for reading

Katherine & Chloe 

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