Chiropody for my poorly feet

Chiropody for my poorly feet

To raise money so that I can have an operation on my feet to repair damaged ligaments so I can play rugby pain free again.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hi everyone. 

I would like to raise some money in order to pay for some chirpody work on my feet. I have got ligament damage caused by years of kickboxing and now my big toes have begun to turn inwards causing me massive pain when I walk, run or attempt to play any sort of sport. I would be massively grateful if you could donate even 1p to my cause because I'm not expecting much from this but I have exhausted loads of avenues to get the NHS to treat me, but they have done very little to help with the pain. 

I am doing cake sales at the school I teach in as well as at my local rugby club, but I am massively embarassed by the whole situation and this site is my last chance to get sorted. Thank you very much for listening and I really appreciate all of your help and support. 

All the best,