Protecting children from Cyberbullying & Grooming

by Jake Street in Chertsey, England, United Kingdom


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We are working to stop children from experiencing the negative effects that the Internet, social media, and digital devices can have on them

by Jake Street in Chertsey, England, United Kingdom

15th place in the Santander Universities Emerging Entrepreneurs Challenge

Who am I?


I am Jake, the founder of CHIPgroup®. I have always been interested in finding a solution to online social attacks after experiencing the negative effects they can have when I was younger. This led me to complete my degree in computer security at Nottingham Trent University in which I was awarded a 1st class degree and received a British Computer Society award for Outstanding performance.

Nottingham Trent University's Enterprise & Innovation Centre and the Santander Universities network has supported me through this last year of research and development

The Issue

The Statistics

24% of children have experienced an adult contacting them online (Bentley et al, 2018)

19% of children who have experienced bullying report to have attempted suicide (Hinduja, 2010)

"My child would tell me" 

Many parents approach me and say that their child would speak to them about these sensitive issues if they experience them. But this mindset by parents is part of the problem as many children feel too embarassed, are scared something bad will happen, or are unaware that they have been abused that this approach by parents is not acceptable.

The Solution

Limitations of Current Solutions


There are a few apps/partial solutions to this issue, but all have their own limitations:

  • Website Blocking/Router Blocking - This provides some defence for exposure to distressing content but, as this method does not tend to block social media websites/apps, this is not a complete solution.
  • Activity Monitoring - This provides some information on where the child is (GPS) and possibly how long they are on their phone for/what apps they use, however this information is unable to indicate if an attack has occured.
  • Internet "Switch off" - This involves being able to remotely turn off the WiFi when the child is meant to be sleeping/doing homework etc. However this can be easily mitigated by the child using their mobile data.

Why this is different 


A common thing with all these attacks is the social element, most of these attacks involve messaging. By focusing on scanning messages from all social media channels, the primary attack method for these issues can be easily defended against.

There are three main elements to the CHIPgroup approach:

  • Threat - This will constantly use our bespoke natural language processing system and machine learning to scan your childs phone for threats and provide you with a screen capture.
  • Activity - This will provide you with an overview of your child's device activity and warn you of possibly harmful use (e.g. using the phone at night)
  • Research - This will provide you with an area to address any specific concerns you have by having your questions answered and allow you to identify how your child can use social media safely, so you can feel more confident about your child being online.

What we are planning


Features on deployment (Projected 20/11/20)

  • Phone screencaptures of possible threats
  • Advanced activity monitoring
  • Research portal (to ask questions and address any specific concerns you may have)

Planned features (~Summer 2021)

  • Improved Internet "off switch" feature
  • Phone addiction features
  • Constant threat research and further mitigation methods


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