A start-up chilli farm in the East Midlands, having successfully completed 1 season we can see a larger market supplying customers direct, garden centres and creating a retail outlet at our premises for all things Chilli. We will certainly also be able to extend our very successful “Pick-Your-Own” service. Here is your opportunity to help create an outstanding chilli farm which you can visit and, through the exciting rewards package, share in the success that you are sponsoring. Diversity of chilli plants for people to grow themselves or chilli fruits, freshly grown, for everyone to enjoy is our aim.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful


A first year start-up, ChilliBobs successfully grew 6,000 chilli plants in a 14m x 14m polytunnel in 2013.

With crowd funding we are hoping to secure the investment that will enable us to triple our growing area and at the same time share in our success through some chilli rewards. Smile

About us

A smallholding in the East Midlands, we are the only local chilli farm in this region. A father and son team – Chilli Bob and Son – we saw a niche area in the market not found locally that aligned with our interests and tastes.

After a year of experimenting with plants identified as ideal for house, patio and garden growing, plus flavours and fruit sizes from the mild Poblano to the super hot Trinidad Scorpion we selected and grew over 33 varieties in 2013.

Here is what 6,000 seedlings look like in February:

6,000 Chilli Seedlings in propogator in February

6 weeks later we had them potted and labeled:

Chillies potted up by end of March

From little chilli plants beautiful flowers and bright and flavoursome chillies grow Smile . This is just a small delection our mature varieties:

A collage of chilli plants in flower and fruit

During 2013 we attended shows to sell our plants and in September/October held a 3 week “Pick-Your-Own” chilli fruit sale which was very successful. (See video)

The most interesting fact to come out of this is that it is not just Chilli Hedz that like chillies Laughing. We had people from all walks of life and age groups visit and buy from us from a 60 mile radius of our farm. Word just got around so quickly about our selection and tasting sessions (we only had to get the milk out once thankfully when someone decided a Scotch Bonnet would be no problem for them!!). We know that there is capacity to do more.

Plans in 2014

Increased capacity to meet demand is the aim in 2014.

With your help, we aim to triple the size of our polytunnel growing area to meet demand and also be able to share in the exciting flavours through your own grown chillies, or chilli fruits supplied by us to you as part of the rewards process.

Whether your taste is mild or super hot, it is the background flavours of citrus, banana and many others that make this unique plant a pleasure to cook with, we will advise you on choices to suit your needs, how to grow them on and when to harvest as we send you the rewards. Of course, you can come to see us, and your funding in action, at any time during the growing season and have a guided tour by Chilli Bob or Son!!

On top of this, we are running an excellent 2 day East Midlands Chilli Festival in August and many of the rewards will gain you entry either for the day or over weekend stay in your own caravan or tent.

The rewards...

ChilliBobs has tried to choose a selection of rewards to inspire you and excite you about the world of chillies.

If you fund £10 or £20 you will receive chillies from our range that suit your taste and circumstance - Whether you just have a windowsill or something grander such as a conservatory or greenhouse we will advise and supply plants that are mild to super hot from 15cm high to 1.5metres high. For example a Newmex Centenial is 30cm high but has many flavoursome blue turning to red chillies that can be used in anything from a salad (if you are brave enough) to mexican cooking.

For £30 not only do you get a choice of chillies and our advice, but also a case of Chilli Cola from Cola Rebell. This is great with rum in the summer to warm your insides as well as the outside Laughing

If you can afford a little more you can really enjoy the chilli scene with tickets for the East Midlands Chilli Festival where there will be your chance to sample chilli products, take in demonstrations on cooking with chillies or growing them year on year, and enjoy the best in music from local East Midlands bands. What is there not to like.

Of course there are always top rewards. How would you ike a chilli named after you? ChilliBobs is striving to develop new varieties and who knows, your name could become synonymous with a great tasting chilli in two to three years. There are only two opportunities to do this but with a whole selection of rewards in between. 

Each  reward has been chosen to give you the best value for the fund donated but most of all...

...Your very excitement about this project through investment, Social Media (Facebook and Twitter - ChilliBobs) and word of mouth encouraging others to invest, will ensure the success of this venture and increased fresh, and diverse, chilli production in the UK.

Many thanks in advance for your help

Chilli Bob