Guanchitas Homemade Chilli Sauces

Guanchitas Homemade Chilli Sauces

I am raising funds for my chilli sauce business 'Guanchitas'. I need your support to get my business off the ground and running!

We did it!

On 1st Mar 2018 we successfully raised £150 with 3 supporters in 56 days

For many years I had a recipe for a rustic, authentic Mojo sauce which I made for friends and family and they absolutely love it. I then decided to take my sauce to the next step and make it a business so everyone can try it and experience a authentic Canarian sauce.

This recipe has been handed down my family from my Great Grandmother. She was born in the caves in the Canaries where she had 9 children. They lived, slept and cooked in the tiny family cave. 

This sauce comes in different heat levels from, mild , medium, hot and extra hot. The Great Cornish Food Store in Truro are interested in my sauce and want to stock it. 

My business and sauce is named after the first settlers that arrived in the Canaries called 'The Guanches' which were the aboriginal people that took over the caves. 

This sauce is over 200 years old and its extremely close to my heart, and want to keep my Great Grandma's tradition alive.  This sauce is unique and not like any other. It is all naturally made locally in Falmouth, Cornwall.

It can be used for absolutely any dish going, from Tapas, Marinades, Barbeques, Pasta, Fish, Chips, soups, it's also great with wrinkly potatoes, salads and even eggs! Experimentation with this sauce is a great must. Just leave it on your table and  what ever meal you are cooking just pour or drizzle a bit of this great tasting chilli sauce.

Great for vegetarians and vegans too!

Your donation will help my business and my product give the attention that it needs to thrive in the table sauce market and beyond!

Just have fun with it and taste all the unique flavours.

Thanks for taking the time to read my story and have a great day!

Jennie X.

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