Children's Theatre, inspiring young minds.

by Molly Bater in London, England, United Kingdom

Children's Theatre, inspiring young minds.
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Family performance helping children build confidence, teaching the importance of kindness and unleashing creativity!

by Molly Bater in London, England, United Kingdom

The Show

Mischief Makers! Circle Troupe needs you! Bonkers clowns are here on a mission for mischief! Giggle till your jaw drops off with this silly, interactive, family fun performance. Packing spinning plates, kazoo's, slime and magic. Clowns Crash, Bang and Wallop transport you to a world of madness and mayhem. Children learn the value of kindness, that their courage knows no bounds and make their very own mischief! Start your day with a Bang, a Crash and a Wallop! Help us bring Mischief back!

Our Work

After working with children in a creative setting over many years we understand the positive impact creativity has on well being. Most recently we worked with children in the poorest communities in London. We discovered these children had an enormous amount of anger, frustration and energy. Unable to express this in everyday life we frequently had negative outburst and children struggled to focus for over 10minutes at a time. However, after just one week of engaging in creative workshops these children transformed. One child approached me on day three and said "I'm going to be calm today and try not to be angry so I can make good stuff" another struggled to participate for over half an hour but by the end of the week was taking part for two hours at a time. They began to work as teams, listening to each other and regulate their emotions. 

This experience, along with other similar projects, leads us to create Mischief Makers. A performance that focusses on allowing children the opportunity to express energy in a constructive way, building confidence and enjoying being a child through laughter and silliness! 

Our Plan

Mischief Makers will be touring London based primary schools in May. However, we want to launch a UK tour accompanied by circus skills workshops in the autumn term. 

Why circus skills? First of all, they are fun and allow young people of any ability the opportunity to learn and gain a sense of achievement. Teamwork, communication, listening, balance, confidence and fine motor skills are just a few of the benefits. 

In order to launch our UK tour, we need to build a profile and gain connections with producers, programmers and tour managers. We decided the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2020 was the best place for it! 

Where the money goes

Having secured rehearsal space, props, costume and set equating to £3000 our remaining costs are venue hire and marketing. £5000 will cover this, anything extra we will put towards the van hire costs for our school tour. 

Thank you for taking the time to read our story! 

Molly from Circle Troupe.

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