Children's Quarter working for families with children who have additional needs to experience equitable access to childcare

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On 27th Mar 2018 we successfully raised £610 with 15 supporters in 42 days

Around 1 in 4 children and young people (based on figures from Children's Commissioner for England) are vulnerable to social isolation. That includes disabled children and young people and those with mental health or other additional  needs.  At the same time, their families are excluded from the free and subsidised childcare which other families receive as a right.  This is because: there is almost NO inclusive childcare provision; special schools unlike mainstream schools  do NOT provide childcare  as standard; and the staffing ratios in mainstream childcare are NOT sufficient to accommodate children with additional needs.  The families most in need of childcare are not getting it. The result is that parents - particularly single parents - find themselves excluded from the jobs market; families, including siblings, that are already under stress run an increased risk of family breakdown and mental illness; and families are condemned to dependency on benefits, poverty and  loneliness. The video above  made by Axe films clearly demonstrates the need  for inclusive childcare. 

Children's Quarter is a co-operative of groups that provide services to children  and young people with any additional needs and their families. We believe that all  children and families have a right to childcare. We'd like your help to fund a campaign: highlighting what inclusive childcare looks like in practice; showing how it can be funded and made to work; demonstrating the business case for this  investment, and  persuading politicians, businesses  and decision  makers to support us to win access to inclusive childcare for all families.  We are based in Birmingham and the practical action enabled by the Campaign will take place here, but the Campaign will benefit children, young people and families throughout the country.

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