Children's Nursery

Children's Nursery

First years rent, and renovation building works

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I have the opportunity to lease a building to set up a new Children's Nursery in South East London. This will help the local area regeneration and to provide much needed childcare for the parents who require this.

I have 14 years experience of running nurseries, so this is a no brainer and will definatley suceed. The location is a very well populated area, and will be well received by the locals as there is a need  for good quality child care in the area.

The building identified needs to be converted and needs some renovation and adaptions - with walls which need to be knocked through for best use of the space.

We also need a new garden and a cover over the exisiting garden area for security and for the children to have open acces during any UK weather conditions.

I have a lot of resources and set up items already in storage, so this will help the budget. The start up is required to enable a great building design and to start the rental payments, and to secure the property.