Children's Creative Hub : The Soapbox Theatre

Help us transform a disused building in Devonport Park Plymouth into a creative arts studio and theatre for children and their families.

We did it!

On 1st Apr 2015 we successfully raised £6,946 of £6,000 target with 120 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

Whoop, whoop, wow!

Thank you everyone!

We are now in this fantastic position of stretch funding, which means that the project can have some extra help towards lighting and sound equipment that we can train the children to use, wi-fi and programming some exciting projects to ensure this space is working for the community as soon as possibe.

This is a unique project for Plymouth and you have helped to make it happen.


Help Stiltskin develop their building in Devonport Park Plymouth into a creative arts studio and theatre for children and their families.


The Soapbox Theatre and Stiltskin's Studio

Stiltskin are seeking funding to transform the run down Former Changing Rooms in Devonport Park into a Children's Creative Hub with an arts space, small scale theatre, toilets, office space and outdoor ampitheatre. Your pledges will help towards making the building safe and comfortable for children to use it now! This will include connecting to the mains water supply, putting in heating, acoustic panelling and programming some exciting family events.

In December 2014 Stiltskin Arts & Theatre CIC took on the lease to the Former Changing Rooms in Devonport Park, Plymouth. The building is a 2nd World War construction and needs a great deal of TLC. There are no toilet facilities, no running water and no heating. The park is a heritage park and the oldest in Plymouth.

"Stiltskin work tirelessly to make a real difference to children's lives. They are inspiring, fun and leave children in awe, caught up in a parallel world, not entirely unlike our own, but more colourful, richer and full of enchantment." - Charlotte Bluefish, Teacher

Stiltskin have a vision!

We aim to transform the building into a vibrant space for children and their families to experience high quality art and theatre throughout the year. There is ample room within the empty shell to build a small scale theatre, a creative workshop, office, storage and toilets. We would also like to install renewable technologies, such as rain water harvesting, solar power and heat exchange system. And what an apt place for a children's art centre; set within a park with a large open area beside us, trees, wildlife, sensory garden and play areas.

We have recently received funding to create a feasibilty report for £10,000 and a £500 award towards our heating system from the Devon and Cornwall police Payback Award Scheme. We will be applying for capital funding but need help in the interim to install toilets and running water, heating and sound proofing. (With 20 children in there it can be ear piercing and we only have a portaloo too!)

What does the future hold?

We are already planning an exciting programme of events. Our Shape Shifter's young people's theatre company meet there once a week to make wonderful storytelling theatre. Over the weekend of the 10th-12th July to mark our building as a place for children and families to experience great culture we plan to hold the Wild Tribe Children's Arts Festival in and around the space.

We want to build a small scale theatre inside and programme outdoor theatre perhaps using the flat roof as a stage with an ampitheatre landscaped in front. We are planning storytelling evenings, film nights, environmental workshops exploring the park, World War 2 encounters, science and art workshops, and holiday and after school clubs and so much more for schools and the public to partcipate or join us as an audience. This will be a great venue to explore, record, imaginate, create and investigate; igniting our future generations minds, raising their aspirations, building their confidence and giving them a voice.

Wild Tribe Children's Festival. Photo Guy Harris

The children already involved in workshops we run have taken the building on with huge gusto! They feel it belongs to them, have ideas for projects, want to raise funds and are proud to be at the beginning of something very special. Schools are excitied about the prospect of projects in the park and our partnership organisations are already seeing the benefits of Stiltskin having a building to create their commissioned projects.

Our young people's theatre company Shape Shifter's performed the first ever theatre show on February 14th 2015 to their families and friends, filling the space with life, laughter and many proud parents, making history happen.

Baba Yaga, Shape Shifters. Photo Helga Mruck


Who Are Stiltskin?

Stiltskin create art and theatre projects for, with and by children within Plymouth and the South West. We are one of the leading grass roots arts organisations within the area. We believe that the arts are fundamental to children's learning, achievements and future. We feel that the arts are integral to a childs development and allowing them to look at the world in a creative way, allowing them to solve problems creatively, have empathy with others, work well in a team and aspire to be producers rather than consumers. With a knowledge of culture, the environment, their heritage and creative thinking, children can grow up to be positive, progressive thinkers and doers and active citizens.

Devonport Park is based in one of the most deprived communities within the Uk with 40% of children living in child poverty below the poverty line. As poverty is not just measured financially but also through cutural oppourtunity and social mobility the Children's Creative Hub is a great facility to tackle this problem and engage children and families from within the area and surrounding communities that are in a similar position.

We need you to help us to make this happen!


"Stiltskin are a wonderful positive force, changing minds and lives in our city.... not only that, they are hilarious and the world needs more laughter." Leon Graves, Teacher





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