Children's Christian Books

by Joanna McCrudden in St Albans, England, United Kingdom

Children's Christian Books


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To write and illustrate beautiful children's books about Christianity - so far we have written a Christmas book called "Christmas ABC"

by Joanna McCrudden in St Albans, England, United Kingdom

Hi all - and welcome to our page!

Introduction - by Joanna McCrudden


13 months ago, just before the winter lockdown started in the UK, I gave birth to my son. Staying indoors for long periods of dark weather, I had to make the most of coping with lockdown with limited activities available for young children and parents. Thankfully, it was very easy to find lots of books for him online - and before we knew it - we were reading at least five stories a day.

However, as a practising Catholic, and with all masses being livestreamed at the time, it was quite difficult to instil Christian ideas into my house. Indeed, I found it very hard to find good books about Jesus or God, certainly not ones written for under 2 year olds. And the books I did find were either very old (hence rare and expensive), had poor illustrations done, or were written for much older children. One of the books I loved reading (found in a charity shop) was a chapter-by-chapter story of Easter, but it simply had too many words for my young son to pay attention. So I decided to write a story that would be easy to follow for kids but fun to read for adults. The story is an ABC Book centered around Christmas - "A is for Angels" for example - with lovely rhymes making it simple to read and showing Christian ideas from a young age.

The Illustrator - Lucy Crabtree


So I had the idea for a story, but being an Economics graduate, drawing was certainly no strength of mine, so I have worked in collaboration with my sister to do the illustrations. Having studied at the Wimbledon Art School, followed by post graduate art training at the Russian Art School in Florence, Lucy drew all 26 pictures for the alphabet with a strong religious theme combined with a secular twist. These pictures are classically drawn with a traditional art style found in old Ladybird books or hanging up in the Louvre. Lucy makes a full time living as an artist, sculptor, restorer and mum with soon to be three young boys. To see more of her art style, check out her website:

The Books


So far, we have created one book, which is Christmas themed. Our next books will include a book about Jesus, a book about prayer, a book about Churches and about characters in the Bible. The more that you pledge to us, the more we can offer you as rewards in our fundraiser. All our books will be written for children under 2 years old as we feel this has the biggest gap in the market, and all the illustrations will follow the same traditional style.

The Reward for Pledging

Everyone who pledges at least £20 on this page will receive this book, plus ten Christmas cards, all beautifully illustrated. (Including worldwide shipping)

Pledge at least £30 and you will receive the first two books, plus Christmas cards. (Including worldwide shipping)

Pledge at least £40 and you will receive the first four books, plus Christmas cards. (Including worldwide shipping)

Pledge at least £70 and you will receive all the books, plus Christmas cards, all signed by the author and illustrator.  (Including worldwide shipping)

Please pledge to us so we can publish our stories, and give a solid Christian education to young children. We are sure you will love our art - and our stories.


Thank you and God Bless

Joanna McCrudden

Lucy Crabtree Art

Publishing under Beecroft Books


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