Children’s guardian angels

by Simone francis in London, England, United Kingdom

Children’s guardian angels
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

Putting a smile on a child face in the uk at christmas birthdays and Easter by distributing new clothes,toys,shoes etc that have been donate

by Simone francis in London, England, United Kingdom

It’s a sad fact that children in poverty or families living on the bread line are on the rise in the uk 

All to often most donations and raised funds in the uk are being distributed to all to well deserving causes outside of the uk mainly to 3rd world countries.

However we are not always aware of where a lot of the funds or donations actually end up.

For example i recall raising funds in our school some 30+ years ago for water aid which helped to install pumps to provide fresh clean safe drinking water for 3rd world countries how is it that’s 30+ years on we are still being bombarded for funding the same cause? 

I would like along with others who have inspired me to set this up to facilitate an orginisation/ charity that’s focuses on our children of the future here in our own country first (charity begins at home)

A collection and distribution of new clothes,toys,shoes,staionary etc for children aged 0-15yrs whom live in poverty low income including those whom live in non government funded children’s homes and safe houses .

There is also one stipulation and that is where required by the donator that a thankyou note be written by the receiver to the donator whom would very much like to know where there donation has ended up ( not address etc)

A lot of people are to proud to accept charity so items will go to those whom really cant provide that Christmas present,birthdays gift or easer egg as its not just about christmas its while they would have to unfortunately have to otherwise go without.

The other possible reaction this could have like a dominos effect that is that a reduction in shop lifting statistics could reduce as we are providing what some may have otherwise felt the need to go out and shop lift.the money we hope to raise will help towards the cost of getting a charity licence help with costs of finding and renting out a premises to store donations and the cost of advertising for donations as well as stationary etc.

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