Children's / Family Park

by Kieran in Church, England, United Kingdom

Children's / Family Park
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

To help build a park for the children and there family to enjoy as there is nothing for the children to play on this park as it's all broken

by Kieran in Church, England, United Kingdom


Welcome to my crowdfunding page .  

OK so we're do I start .. Well first of all I have 4 children myself and have lived in church for 33yrs I have seen many changes with the children's park but none have ever been very good .  The park at the minute has no space for young children I would like to change this .  It has a huge space and huge potential to be a very good park .  There is lots of children in the church area and all u see is them playing on the streets with nothing to do ?  Again I want to be the person who changes this . I would like to put in a big slide, some swings and create a pic nic area and learning zone for young children , I would also like to make a mini assault course to try and encourage kids to keep fit I would encourage the local schools and nursery's  to use the area for sport. This area has a big space for plenty of activity and at the minute and is being wasted and not used . It also has a small football and basketball court at the bottom I would like to update and again encourage lcoal scools and nurseries to use the area to its full potential. 

If I raised enough funds from crowdfunder then I would make this park the best place to play for kids in Hyndburn , I have been to many parks in my time and some have been very good but some you just look at them and think what a waste of space why would the council just put up a climbing  frame that no children can use ?  Or in a couple of months is all rusty and things don't work ..  It's ridiculous they need swings, slides, roundabout, isn't that what a park is all about ? Taking your children to the park for a pic nic and to put them on the swings and make them laugh... well thats what I would like to do with my children  so please help me make a difference and make somewere for the children of church to play and have fun.

I will post updates and plans of what is going to happen if the funds are made so please help me change this play area into a place for children and there families to have many great memories . 

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