Children living with body changing fashion line

by Leah Cooke in Puddletown, Dorset, England

Children living with body changing fashion line

I want to design and provide a fashionable clothing range for children living with body changing conditions.

by Leah Cooke in Puddletown, Dorset, England

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My daughter was born  with liver disease  and for years I struggled to get clothes to fit her  .  One of the side effects  of progressive liver disease is a distended tummy and     It can make clothes finding a real challenge.  As Megan grew up and started to become fashion conscious the emotional  impact of not being able to dress her in the latest trends was devastating .  In fact it wasn't just latest trends, trying to find a pair of jeans suitable to fit her was a nightmare!  Something she shouldn't have to be dealing with when already facing a Chronic condition.  Megan has since had a transplant but it has stayed with me that there are probably many children  wanting to wear the most fashionable items that flatter  but there appears to be a gap in the market unless you are a dab hand on a sewing machine!  So my plan and project is to design  a suite of clothes  that are adapted to Fit properly and designed as such not to showcase the body but flatter and launch this as a clothing range for children.  

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