Children in Need ROCKS with the Foo Fighters LIVE

Children in Need ROCKS with the Foo Fighters LIVE

To get Foo Fighters to play a small intimate gig in the West Midlands, ideally 02 in Birmingham with all profits going to Children in Need.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Whilst listening to Chris Evans and his Children in Need show on BBC Radio 2, I was amazed and very much inspired by the vast amounts of  cash listeners were paying for one off unique experiences, way beyond my budget! A Take That gig went for half a million! Wow!

This got me thinking.... being a huge Foo Fighters fan and not being in the fortunate position to make bids on Chris Evans one off experiences, why not create one?  A one off, unique event, affordable to Foo fans!

Knowing that the Foos' are heading over to Europe next year. I thought why not try a crowdfunding project to get the Foos to play a small intimate gig for their fans in Birmingham, ideally the 02 Academy. All profits will go to Children in Need. Based on a capacity of 3000, I'm looking to raise around £250,000. Tickets will be £85 each and usual ticketing terms apply. This is a gig for the fans and more importantly Children in Need!

If you’re with me on this, I'm willing to put the hard work in making this happen! The Foos have previously done a Crowdfunded gig before!