Children against Cancer Ecuador

Children against Cancer Ecuador

"Jovenes contra el Cancer" is supporting children with Cancer in Ecuador and they are in need of financial support for their amazing work.

We did it!

On 20th Mar 2015 we successfully raised £580 of £500 target with 24 supporters in 21 days

New stretch target

This money will be serving the same amazing charity in its daily work.

Project aim

"Jovenes contra el Cancer" is supporting children with Cancer in Ecuador and they are in need of financial support for their amazing work.

About the project

Recently the Charity I worked for while I lived in Ecuador posted an Image of their bank account, stating that they had 299$ left in their account. They are desperate and need help.

I ran the Barcelona Marathon on the 15th of March and finished the race in 4:09:34, which beat my Paris Marathon time from 2014 by 39 minutes. This site was used as an opportunity to fundraise for this amazing charity.

A brief Outline:

After Alex Davila died at the age of 16 of Leucemia, his father Gustavo Davila founded the Charity “Fundacion Jovenes contra el Cancer” in Quito, Ecuador.

During his son’s battle he figured out that there was little to no support for families and children affected by Cancer and so he decided to create this space so much needed.

The Fundacion is giving the families and children a chance to interact with others affected, to share tears, laughter and love and to support each other through difficult moments while treatment. It helps the parents to stay focused and the children to know they are not alone and it creates awareness in their surroundings, so that the teachers in the schools for example are more patient with the children or still let them attend class after missing months of lectures.

To fundraise money they are making little dolls (muñecas de la esperanza) that are sold in a Shopping Mall and hold speeches at Events.

The money helps paying a Cab for a mother who has to pick up the blood donation her child needs during treatment. It pays for pills much needed for a chemo to be started and also pays the 10-hour-bus ride for a child living in the Amazon that has to commute to Quito to receive treatment, who’s family can’t afford to pay for the journey. It pays a sick child’s last wish to see the ocean one last time.

For the Spanish Speakers, here is a documentary paying tribute to Dylan, who died at the age of 13 in 2010, but was one of the most amazing and inspiring people I have ever met. A week before he passed away we were at a baptism all together in Quito and Dylan was dancing with everybody, laughing and giggling like a 13 year old should be and if you could have not seen the physical affects, you would have never guessed that he was in the final stage of Cancer. I have never seen a smile bigger than his.

 Link to Tribute Video

The Fundacion fulfilled his last wish before he died (with sponsored money) and built a stone house for his family. They were previously living in a little shed in the Ecuadorian Andes. He died the day the house was finished.

The work of this charity is amazing and they are giving the little fighters the feeling of being normal, of being part of a community, which is very important, as Hospital Circumstances in Public Hospitals in Ecuador are quite different.

There are no clean, disinfected areas for quarantine after a bone-mark transplantation; a whole floor with 30people just after chemo has one bathroom to share, walls are having hole’s and often there are no curtains available in rooms of 6 to guarantee at least a tiny bit of privacy. 

It’s quiet shocking and because of this the space the Fundacion is offering is so important.

Have a look at their Website: Website of the Fundacion

This is crowdfunded, as I tried setting up fundraising sites for a while, however due to the fact that the charity is outside the UK, this is not possible.

Every donation is appreciated, no matter how small or big as in this case literally every pound helps.

For Everybody outside the UK: Paypal is the international option to donate.


On the 18th of March the 3rd Bionic Fashionday‬ takes place in Quito and the fundacion is organizing this Event which is a Fashion Show for Children with Prosthesis to show that beauty goes beyond what one sees.

Have a look: Bionic Fashion Day


Thank you!






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