Childhood Sex Abuse NO MORE! The Forum 15-17 Apr

by Mary Doggett in Norwich, England, United Kingdom

Childhood Sex Abuse NO MORE! The Forum 15-17 Apr


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by Mary Doggett in Norwich, England, United Kingdom

A group of people aged between 20 to 70 years old who have historically experienced childhood sex abuse, have formed a peer support group called NO MORE! and want to reach out to other members across Norfolk.  

They will be hosting an event at The Forum in Norwich on 15th, 16th and 17th April) to engage with the general public. The goal is to make talking about this issue more acceptable.  

How will this event achieve this?

This will be done by illustrating the issue through a series of photographic portraits of people who want to speak out about their own experience, showing different aspects of how they are coping with the impacts of their abuse. Some of the people featured in the photos will be at the Forum on those days to to personally share share their stories.

The aim is to enable people to talk about childhood sex abuse, to come out of isolation, and to have the strength to make the first steps to speaking out.

Why this event deserves our support

The group hopes that this event could be a springboard for the group to grow, and the platform to launch various peer support initiatives across Norfolk to support survivors of childhood sexual abuse throughout their lives. 

Currently, stigma and anxieties over confronting the issues of sexual abuse put up barriers to developing mutual support communities of those who have survived this traumatic experience. 

This photographic exhibition will enable some of the survivors to express their own messages and debunk the stigma that surrounds sexual abuse.  The group believe that the more the issue is discussed the more opportunities there are for prevention.

Message from the group

Together we are more powerful and have the confidence to speak, but too often we feel isolated and alone.

The name of the victim is usually never remembered..... the name of the perpetrator often is.

We want to offer our collective experience to help input into how support is supplied and applied across Norfolk and we therefore welcome collaboration with individuals, businesses and charities who have an interest in supporting us.

Come and meet us for a coffee! 

Let's make 'Childhood Sex Abuse NO MORE! The Forum 15-17 Apr' happen

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