Child Sex Trafficking

Child Sex Trafficking

Child Sex Trafficking - Prevention/ Protection/ Aid

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

We are in the process of creating an uplifting and motivating digital campaign, to raise awareness and money for child sex trafficking. The money raised is targeted to charities around the world that are tackling the root cause of child sex trafficking, eg. education, poverty. A seperate Aid for children victims of sex trafficking campaign raises funding for support systems of victims.  We then provide specific details of who was saved/ helped, how and when so that people can see their money is getting real children out of situations we cannot even begin to imagine.  

We also plan on taking political action and involving UK children in this, to make a lasting impact. 

We are extremely passionate and tenacious. We just need a little boost for marketing, research and targeting to continue our plan. 

We appreciate you for reading this. Thank you!