Child Abuse Prevention and Awareness

by michelle naughton in London, England, United Kingdom

Child Abuse Prevention and Awareness
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To greatly improve the lives of children, teens, young adults and young people across the Nation.

by michelle naughton in London, England, United Kingdom

Child abuse, racism, bullying, social media bullying and eating disorders are rife in the schools of Britain. Not to mention the alcohol and drug issues a lot of young teens face every year. My mission is to create a way to get through to children today, when it matters, I want to reach out to them through literature in their language. in short I want to develop and finish this range of self help books for children.

The first two, are child abuse prevention/awareness books and show great promise to becoming useful tools for social services and authorities in helping children to come forward with trust and courage about things they may otherwise be hiding. 

This improves the probability of children being safeguarded much sooner and those held accountable for their actions are not able to abuse further. It gives parents the guidance they need when talking about situations with their children to find out the truth. 

Written in a simply easy reading and illustrated with colourful and interesting cartoons in watercolour, the first book is ready for the publishing process and a publisher has already snapped it up. I would like to get the whole range out and be able to offer them as a package to Boroughs and Counties across the UK. 

The other books, aimed at different age ranges, will be covering the following subjects:

Social Media Bullying, Racism, alcohol and drugs/addiction, living with disabilities, eating disorders, anxiety/depression, young offenders and gang involvement.

Whilst covering these subjects, I will be researching these issues by talking to children and young people in these situations. 

My next writing venture will be books helping adults to let go of past trauma in their lives and how to stop those things from affecting their futures. 

By crowdfunding, I will be able to get my whole book range out into the world and start my campaign for a safer future for our children and better understanding all round. 

I believe these books will eventually make a difference in other countries too as children across the world are in some desperate situations.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£1,000 or more

£1,000 reward

You will be one of the first to receive a signed original copy of each of the books printed. You can choose the message if you wish and have it personalised. Each time a new book is published, I will personally sign and send it to you to thank you for your kind contribution.

£50 or more

£50 Reward

Your will receive a signed copy of a book of your choice, personalised if you wish and sent to you or as a gift to someone you have in mind. I will personally post these books to you to thank you for your kind contribution.

£100 or more

£100 Reward

You will receive two books from this range of your choice once published, both signed and personalised if you wish. I will personally sign and post these books to you to thank you for your kind contribution.

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