Chicken Farm

Chicken Farm

My husband and are are trying to raise money to set up a chicken farm

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

My husband and are trying to step forward into buying a small plot of land to set up a chicken farm, to supply the local community with all the needs for their pet chickens, including supplying feed and equipment for people to setup their own pet setups at home to produce their own free range eggs. We have taken the step 18 months ago to move out of London to make more of the country and to get closer to our dream of setting up a self built eco home and chicken business. 

We originally moved out of London to help family and self built a property on their land which we planned to live in, and help with family life, but after being completely turned over by family and being evicted with 2 hours notice we had to move into a private rental quickly which has stretched us to our limits and are struggling to make ends meet with no prospects of ever being financially viable to move.

we have this dream to be able to be self sufficient and the target seems to get further and further away