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Chester Pride Cafe and Community Space

by Chester Pride in Chester, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 16th December 2020 we successfully raised £3,613 ( + est. £650.00 Gift Aid ) with 83 supporters in 36 days

Chester Pride will open a café and community venue that will be a safe social space for all, and let us grow our LGBT+ support services

by Chester Pride in Chester, England, United Kingdom

About Us

1604590118_pride2019.jpgChester Pride has been growing as an organisation every year since it was first established in 2013. Whilst we focused on running the Chester Pride event, since our 5th anniversary we have also recognised that we can't just be an organisation that puts on a Pride event, we need to be there to support the LGBT+ community all year round. Even in the face of Coronavirus we have not stopped or reduced what we do, instead we have started more projects than ever to try and support LGBT+ people, especially during these times of crisis.

But there are two main issues we face. The LGBT+ community are facing more challenges, inequality, and discrimination than ever, and we are struggling to meet these needs as we do not have our own space which limits what we can provide. However, we have risen to the occasion and have come up with our biggest project ever, one that will let us overcome these issues and be the organisation that we know we can be. 

Our Project1604590877_43295578224_9397ea35e8_o_compressed.jpg

That project is the opening of our very own venue, one that will let us do the work we need to do to support the LGBT+ community and grow as a charity, but also create stability for us as it generates income to support our work. This will be our very own café and community space right in the heart of Chester's city centre.

Our vision is to have a café that is a safe social space where everyone has a place. But more than that it will be a place where you can get advice and information, attend inclusive social events, and drop in to talk to our support staff. Separate to the café will be our community spaces, where our support staff will work all year round on our various mental health, wellbeing, crisis, and advice services, plus we can host support groups, community events, exhibitions, and more. 

1604590911_29077143627_d7530ce73d_o.jpgHow Your Support Helps

We know that we can't do this alone. This is a project that will work for the community, and with the community, letting us provide the support and services that the LGBT+ community are urgently requesting. By backing this project you will get us a step closer to achieving our biggest project ever, and therefore help us to do more for the community. Donations of any size will help us. For every £1 that is put in to help us fit out and decorate our venue, about £100 of services will be delivered as our other projects expand into the accessible, appropriate facilities and space they require.

If you back this project we will not only send you some exclusive merchandise as a thank you, but also keep you updated with our progress, even beyond our opening in 2021. This means you will be able to know just how much you're supporting the LGBT+ and wider community.

Our Six Reasons Why

There are so many reasons why we're undertaking this huge project, but we've summed it up into six key reasons:


  • The LGBT+ community needs more support - The LGBT+ community faces multiple challenges, with the need for more support, more access to information, and space to socialise with other members of the community. Our space will offer this space, and run events to provide individual and group opportunities for support and socialisation.
  • Chester Pride needs room to grow -  We are growing and need space to expand our project work. Having an established location will help us recruit more volunteers, expand our projects, and help more of the community.
  • Safe spaces are needed - The LGBT+ community want, and need, safe and accessible spaces where they can be themselves and be supported. The café, being run by Chester Pride, will be that safe space, and our charity offices in the same building will let us offer safe spaces to access support, advice, and information, particularly with mental health one of the biggest health crises facing the community.
  • Our support will be for everyone - It’s not just LGBT+ people affected by the issues they face, their family and friends are often affected as well. By creating the community space we will be able to help everyone through our plans for support groups, and by creating a safe social space with special social activities.
  • The community wants social opportunities that reflect themselves - LGBT+ people want to socialise with their community, meet people like themselves, and feel part of the LGBT+ family. Our café will be a venue for a range of social events, catering to all needs, ages, interests, identities and more.
  • We will work for a wider community - More flexible and affordable community spaces are needed in Chester. Our venue will not just be for our use, but we will let other community groups access the space as well, and many of our events and support services will include others, such as our plans for dementia and anxiety cafes.1604592915_42173986230_e117bb8d70_o_compressed.jpg


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£25 or more

Backer's Club Plus

We like this level of reward because not only do you get the Backer's Club rewards of the letter, badge, ceramic mug, and exclusive discounts, but you also get your choice of either a water bottle or travel mug. This means you can show your support in public by taking these with you, letting you be refreshed on the go, and letting everyone know that you've supported a good cause.

£5 or more

Backer's Club

We appreciate any amounts that can be given, and to say thanks to those that give what they can for £5 you'll receive a thank you letter, a backer's only pin badge, and membership of our Backer's Club, which will get you exclusive discounts when we open.

£10 or more

Backer's Club Mug

As well as the rewards from the previous tier, we will also send you an exclusive Backer's Club ceramic mug. That way every drink you have at home will taste a little bit better because it will taste like love - love from Chester Pride for supporting our project.

£35 or more

Backer's Club Plus Plus

We know that sometimes it can be hard to choose. Water bottle, or travel mug, they're both great options. So why not have both! This level of reward gets you everything from the Backer's Club Plus level, but includes both the travel mug and the water bottle.

£50 or more

Backer's Club Gold

If you can afford to give a little more, then we would like to say a big thank you. We'll not only send you the Backer's Club rewards of the thank you letter, badge, travel mug, water bottle, and ceramic mug, but you'll be able to customise the items! Get your name and LGBT+ flag of choice on all the rewards. Plus you'll receive our Backer's Club Gold discount card, which will get you extra discounts when we open

£100 or more

Founder's Club

For backers at this level we will immortalise your contribution by including you on our Wall of Founders mural within the café when it opens. This includes an invite for two to our launch party so you can see your mural inclusion and help us celebrate your support for the project. Also, you'll still get everything from the lower levels of rewards as well, including the Backer's Club Gold discount card, because we all love exclusive merchandise.

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