Chess Club Live Women’s World Chess Tour

by Chess Club Live in Leeds, England, United Kingdom


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The project’s aim is to raise money for a chess tour for chess women professionals who are not invited to play in chess invitational tours.

by Chess Club Live in Leeds, England, United Kingdom

1606341018_20d54adb-bd39-40d9-bf39-1a0c89f9ed9f.jpegWomen who earn a living as elite chess professionals are not paid equitably with their male counterparts. 

In the chess world today the big invitational chess events are between a small group of male chess players.

l have been running a chess community called Chess Club Live for over a decade. Chess Club Live is a grassroots community for creating a more equitable distribution of opportunities for chess professionals.

We also provide free support to amateur chess players and provide resources for social value in the chess community.


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