Supporting young 'CHESS LIFE CLUB'

Supporting young 'CHESS LIFE CLUB'

I'm raising £2000 for an innovative interactive touch screen board. This board will help me to teach kids more effective!

We did it!

On 6th Jun 2017 we successfully raised £160 with 4 supporters in 35 days

Official opening of the 'CHESS LIFE' club!


Edinburgh, Scotland - 25 Palmerstone Place.

Many thanks to our mentors and all who supports this project.

                                                                                                                                                  Mihails Lahmans

Dear Friends,

My name is Mihails Lahmans and for the past seven years I have been researching the field of chess and its influence on personal development to create unique chess therapy program:

 ‘Chess as a life model

The purpose of 'Chess as a life model' program

 This program uses chess to as a fun way of improving coordination and concentration in children and adults, while of course improving their chess skills.

 My time volunteering with children in hospital in Latvia received some great feedback from parents and I am working to create a similar impact in Edinburgh.

From 05.2010 to 05.2012

I implemented personal chess project:

'The intellectual development of problematic children and youth'.

Financial support for this project was provided by the state agency 'Agency for International Programs for Youth'.

The project was implemented in 4 boarding schools in Riga, Latvia.

Official website of this project

 New Chess club in Edinburgh

Our new chess club in Edinburgh are equipped with chess sets, chess clocks, tables for teaching, playing and competing.

I’m fund-raising for an interactive touch board so that children can get benefit from the full ‘Chess as a life model’ program!


   The Board SMART 6055 55" UHD 4K LED

Reasons of purchase of the equipment:

  •  This board will enable the children to participate in online conferences, art therapies for children, chess games, cinemology, calligraphy elements.
  •  This interactive chess board will enable the children to watch the chessman move on the big display, or watch the animated chess films as they learn more about the game.
  •  This board will give them opportunity to communicate with other children from another countries according to video chat.

The total amount for the equipment – £ 2 000 

 For people who support that project:

  •   I’m planning to create separate posts on Facebook/Twitter, for those who has helped club to live and operate on all 100%!
  •   Also I will present up to 3 free chess lessons for who has supported the chess club!
  •   Lessons will be face-to-face or through online, it's up to you!

I really hope on your help for the maximum work on the chess program!

Club photos, please wisit this link:


For other info and details about me, you can please visit my website:



Let's make 'CHESS LIFE' club work on full 100%!

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