Free Relationship Coaching for Vulnerable Women

by Sara Malik in Isleworth, England, United Kingdom

Free Relationship Coaching for Vulnerable Women
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I want to help vulnerable women to be confident and empowered by giving them the tools and strategies to overcome their challenges.

by Sara Malik in Isleworth, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Help more women!  Each coaching package lasts 12 weeks and costs £300 per lady - I normally charge £400.

Hi, I'm Sara and I'm a marriage coach!  

I have been helping to empower women in their relationships for over a decade through one-to-one coaching and courses. I am passionate about helping women and want my coaching to be as accessible as possible - especially for women who are being oppressed or treated unfairly.

A Better World Through Healthy Marriages

Happy and healthy marriages are one of the cornerstones of a healthy society. If every home was filled with confident, empowered couples and children, we would each bring our strengths to our communities, contributing to the world's happiness at large.  Empowered mothers raise empowered daughters and sons.  They raise loving and respectful women who respect themselves and they raise men who know what it means to treat a woman right.

Marriage Coaching Helps

Once married, we often lack role models and are at a loss of what to do when we are presented with unfamiliar problems.  That's where a marriage coach can help to guide and support through challenging times.

Not everyone can access coaching

Sadly, it doesn't always work that way.  There are many women who simply can't afford or access coaching and support when they need it.  This results in marriage breakdown, depression, anxiety, and sadly, in some cases, domestic violence.

I am often approached by ladies who have no money of their own as they don't work and are financially dependant on their husbands, yet are desperate to make their marriages work.  It is heartbreaking to witness.

Who do I want to help?

The money I raise through this crowdfunding will be able to help women who cannot pay for coaching and are in difficult relationships.  I have seen so many women who:

  • need help but can't pay for it
  • do not have anyone to help, guide and advise them on what to do
  • are in verbally abusive and volatile relationships 
  • have very controlling husbands
  • have children and no support and so are too scared to leave the relationship
  • wish to make changes but don't know where to start
  • don't know how to look after themselves or respect themselves

How Can I Help?

I want to raise enough funds to be able to provide free or heavily subsidized coaching  for those who need it so that I can help them to transform their lives by:

  • moving from insecurity to confidence
  • negative thinking to a positive outlook
  • developing a healthy view of womanhood
  • empowering them as mothers
  • establishing effective communication skills
  • connecting to their high purpose
  • developing healthy boundaries

Please help me to help other women!

I can't continue to help vulnerable women without your help, so please dig deep, donate generously, and help me meet my target!  Think about the lasting effect it will have on the lives of these women, their children and the future generations to come.

Thank you!


'Sara empowered me to set boundaries, and stand up for myself.'

'Sara has helped me in so many ways! By allowing me to feel more empowered, by showing me how to action boundaries, by helping me to find my self-esteem, by explaining how other people may be feeling and how to understand this, by enabling me to do self-care things which are helpful to me.'

'Something I Will Be Teaching My Daughters'

'I’ve come such a long way since my work with you.  I was in such a mess with that relationship. I worked through my worthiness, self-love, finding myself, and building my relationship with Allah. You introduced me to a whole new world.' 


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£20 or more

First Brave Steps

By pledging £20, you can help a vulnerable woman to take her first steps towards making a big difference in her life by having an introductory coaching call, where she can find out what direction would best suit her to overcome her challenges.

£30 or more

1 Hour Coaching Session For A Vulnerable Woman

By pledging £30, I will be able to help a sister in need get some clarity on how to move forward in her difficult situation

£60 or more

Justice & Wisdom

By pledging £60, you will be helping a vulnerable lady to establish her boundaries and work towards communicating effectively.

£100 or more

Establishing Strong Foundations

By pledging £100, you are helping a vulnerable woman to ground herself in the foundations of healthy relationship skills, including: - looking after herself - communicating effectively - establishing firm boundaries in her life with others - finding meaning to her life - cultivating a loving environment

£200 or more

The Full Cherished Muslimah Coaching Package

By pledging £200, a vulnerable lady will receive the support she needs to create an empowered life by cultivating the four traits of leadership, love, wisdom and justice in her life.

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