To preserve treasured memories of loved ones

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On 16th Sep 2015 we successfully raised £80 with 2 supporters in 28 days

Project aim

To preserve treasured memories of loved ones

About the project

As people age and cherished memories of earlier years diminish, we become more reliant on precious reminders (aide-memoire), such as a fading photograph.

We are 3 pensioners, with a combined age total of almost 200, looking to provide our contempories with protection against the loss of these treasured memories. We have a system that will maintain these valuable and precious reminders and will therefore prolong those cherished memories. We wish to make this method easily available to all, not just internet users. No banks will consider helping towards the cost of initialising this project. Our pensions only just cover daily living costs, so we are unable to fund the start-up ourselves. Please help  us provide this system to improve the final years of elders' lifes by reliving cherished moments from time gone by.

Since introducing this idea to family and friends, we have come to appreciate that not only do grandparents treasure memories of children and grandchildren. Families also love and treasure memories of their parents and grandparents.

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