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The aim of my app is to provide chefs for EVERYONE! Usually having a chef is only for the rich or special occasions, this app is different!

by Alex Mannings Reeves in York, England, United Kingdom

Who am I?

Well... I am an 18 year old entrepreneur who wants to change how the world eats! In today's day and age, the world is full of fast food takeaways! People are ordering food not knowing if it's fresh, healthy and so on... That's why I thought of Chefs2UrDoor.

What is Chefs2UrDoor?

Chefs2UrDoor is a platform for chefs to provide their skills and expertise and earn a part time, side income doing so, or maybe full time? The basic concept of the app is simple! A qualified chef will pay a monthly fee to be listed, once listed and passed all background checks they can then provide their services as a chef on the app. The app is open to anybody who wants a nice, home cooked meal prepped and cooked by a professional chef. 

How does it work?

As mentioned before, chefs will pay a monthly fee and provide their services. So, now onto the customer side of things. Let's say Joe wanted a nice Sunday roast for a family of 4? Joe would log in to his account on the app, type in his search preference i.e. type of chef, location etc... Joe will then get chefs within the preferences he provided that he can then contact within the in app message function. Both parties (the chef & customer) then can discuss price, date of booking (can be immediate, just like a takeaway). 

This app has been my idea for quite a while, but due to capital I have been unable to get it of the ground! So, please help me change the world with my app and show that no matter what anyone can be successful and achieve anything they want, if they put in the work!   


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