Cheesy FM. A world of pop music GUILTY PLEASURES.

Cheesy FM. A world of pop music GUILTY PLEASURES. A new, fun radio station - aiming BIG! Available at & app stores.

We did it!

On 3rd Nov 2016 we successfully raised £6,326 with 16 supporters in 28 days

Pop music GUILTY PLEASURES. We all have them!

Cheesy FM is a radio station with a difference. We're a pop party in your ears! We play all of those songs you don't normally admit to liking, but... we've created a safe zone for you and your cheesy guilty pleasures. Think Culture Club, followed by Doris Day, The Dallas TV theme tune, then followed by Kylie, Duran Duran and Madonna and you'll be in cheesy heaven at Cheesy FM. We are Pure cheese, and proud of it! 

After a 4 month test transmission on a DAB in Manchester, we were stunned by the interaction and huge growth in our app audience numbers.

Now we're aiming BIGGER!

We just need some help in our David vs Goliath battle. A pledge, starting at £1 will help us reach for the next stage in our journey.

We could be coming to a radio channel near you!

TONS of pop music. NO silly DJ's. NO long boring COMMERCIAL BREAKS! (We have a way to get around this).

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