Cheeky Peek guide to Hastings and St Leonards

We are producing a picturesque guide book to our towns for locals and visitors. Full of beautiful illustrations, stories, and information.

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On 16th Oct 2015 we successfully raised £5,187 of £5,000 target with 162 supporters in 42 days

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Project aim

We are producing a picturesque guide book to our towns for locals and visitors. Full of beautiful illustrations, stories, and information.

About the project

Who are we and why do we need your support?

We are Rachel Heavens and Ness Mann and we met after living in the same road for almost 8 years, immediately bonding over an enthusiasm for living in Hastings and St Leonards and a shared ambition to illustrate and self publish a book.

Despite working on this venture for over a year now, fitting in meetings around young families and part time jobs, we have struggled to find the capital to see our book in print.  Those who choose to help us will not go empty handed.  Effectively, by crowdfunding us, you will be pre-ordering your copy, along with other Cheeky Peek give-aways.  When on sale, the book will retail at around £12.

This image will be printed on the beautiful sunshine yellow shopping bag (St Leonards will be on the other side).

What is this book about?

Hastings and St Leonards-on-sea are towns that are rapidly changing.  Exciting things are happening, such as the development of the Pier, the White Rock Baths and the Observer Building.  We feel the time is right for a guide book to be published that will give an in-depth look into the towns, offering information and a reflection of this wonderful corner of England.  It is a growing opinion that Hastings and St Leonards have the potential to offer a quality of life unequalled by many other towns and it is this that we intend to promote.

What will it be like?

Our guide book is to be designed and produced along a particular ethic with a ‘handmade’ feel and distinct style.  It will be small enough to fit in a bag or pocket, bound with a card cover and printed on good quality paper using archival inks.  Profusely illustrated, the intention is that it will be a tactile, collectible object in it’s own right, to be looked at again and again and experienced as an inspirational, beautiful and delightful thing to own.


Who will it appeal to?

We aim to encompass and appeal to both existing residents of the town along with visitors, for the day or weekend, who would like a rich insight into the area, the places they can visit and to take home as a high quality memento.  The eclectic amalgamation of information, stories, pictures, information and links will offer something that is not already available.

What will it include and who will benefit?

The information in the book will include current attractions, mixed with historical background and will be a celebration of the area as a quirky, unique place with a culture and atmosphere that local people are proud of.  We hope to boost local business and support the people who make the area what it is and who are at the source of the remarkable transformation of our towns.  We aim to present a positive view of the area, full of optimism with the enjoyable aspects of the town profiled and negative stereotypes ignored.

We aim to use Hastings and St Leonards based services to produce the book wherever possible, keeping financial benefit within the locality and adding to the growing economy.  This will include, not only the printers and producers but also local illustrators and artists who lend so much to the atmosphere of the towns.

Artists who have already agreed to contribute are:  Andy Touhy, Scott Garrett, Martin O’Neill, Sarah Evans, Julia Andrews-Clifford and Katherine Reekie all established local creatives.

What comes next?

We expect to sell our book with the support of local retailers, with the intention to also reach further afield to draw in the crowds.

This project has got us excited about producing more books in the future to showcase and celebrate other neglected seaside towns.  This could potentially lead to sustainable employment for ourselves and others.  There will not be a large profit from this project, but what there is we would like to invest in publishing the projects of other Hastings and St Leonards creatives.  

Thank you

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