Chay's White Goods Fund

Chay's White Goods Fund

Chay's Crohns will not beat him, lets help Chay be in control of his Crohns & help him to buy a vital Fridge/Freezer to store medications.

We did it!

On 15th Jun 2016 we successfully raised £390 of £300 target with 21 supporters in 35 days

New stretch target

Now we have reached our target, we have stretched our target to £500. This enable Chay to be able to buy a more advanced fridge/freezer and he will also be able to up date a couple of his other white goods. Many thanks to our funders so far, and please keep giving.

Chay & Crohns

My son Chay was diagonsed with a rare form of Crohns disease a year ago.

After 2 years of symptoms he finally got a diagonsis.

Due to the complexity of his illness, most of the medicines available have not been successful,

at the moment Chay is in QA Hopsital Portsmouth being fed by tube.

Chay has been advised that he will probably be looking at adminstering medication via injection

which he will have to perform at home once he is out of hospital.

The hospital have demanded that he has a fridge/freezer to keep his medication at a certain temperature.

Unfortunately, Chay doesn't have a fridge/freezer, he's just moved out of home into his own flat,

and is currently on ESA & starting another claim for PIP, having no spare funds to buy white goods.

We only need £300 for a fridge/freezer, which will allow him to have a certain amount of normality

back in his life.

Please be generous and help fund Chay's White Goods 

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