COVID19: online trauma support for abuse survivors

by CHAYN in London, England, United Kingdom

COVID19: online trauma support for abuse survivors


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Please join me and make a difference? Every donation will help. Thank you in advance for your contribution to this cause that means so much

by CHAYN in London, England, United Kingdom


We need this money.

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It’s a scary time for all of us right now. With social-distancing, quarantines, and border closings, life can feel frightening and uncertain. This is especially true for anyone living in an abusive household or working on recovering from trauma. 

We are creating a web-based daily support group for survivors called “Notes From Chayn”. It is free for anyone experiencing gender-based violence. The group will offer daily tips, tricks, tools, and comforting words to our community.

CHAYN is a global volunteer network helping to address gender-based violence through tech. As a survivor-led organization, we create intersectional resources to help people understand and overcome domestic and sexual abuse.

Please join us in making a difference. Every donation will help. Will you support us? Thank you in advance for your contribution, to this cause that means so much to so many.


We are looking to raise £3,000 to pay for some of the time of volunteers and therapists to run this community and run confidential sessions around recovery. To fund this completely, we would need £8000.

The time for action is now.

  • Being forced to stay home with an abuser for long amounts of time can be a harrowing experience. And stress of any kind can act as a trigger for violence and coercion, putting survivors at an even greater risk.

  • People who are being stalked can be at an increased risk because their location is fixed and they may be anxious their stalker will find out their address.

  • People still healing from abuse or sexual trauma may not be able to go to their trauma-group or therapy right now. They might feel like their recovery will stall or that they don’t have the right coping-mechanisms to work through this period of time.

All of these people deserve our support.

Confidential support

With our Telegram group “Notes from Chayn", we want to expand our support of people feeling distressed, panicked, isolated, or frightened, and remind them that they are not alone. Through the group, we will cover:

  • Spotting abuse

  • Coping and grounding mechanisms 

  • Self care and raising self-confidence

  • Trainings and sessions

All to help ease the emotional pain the next few months may bring. At no cost to the survivors.

Link to for full details

Here’s how you can make a difference.

By donating to our Crowdfunding, you are helping to remind survivors of abuse and assault that they are not alone.

If someone is unable to seek face-to-face help, then having support in the digital world is crucial. We anticipate an increase in demand for our resources as the world expands its lockdown. This is further evidence that people need our support more than ever. And we want to give it to them. 

By helping us raise £3,000 for “Notes from Chayn” you will be contributing to a project that can have a real and direct impact on assault and abuse survivors’ mental-health and well-being. And you will be supporting a quickly-growing community of people who are entitled to know that they are not alone. We need to take care of and support each other, now more than ever.

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