Charming Renault 30 TS in dire need of assistance!

by Alex in Bradford, West Yorkshire, England

Charming Renault 30 TS in dire need of assistance!

This is the last R30 TS Automatic in England. We plan to get it back to a roadworthy condition, as we believe no car should become extinct.

by Alex in Bradford, West Yorkshire, England

We did it
On 23rd December 2017 we successfully raised £5 with 1 supporters in 28 days

Why would we bother to restore a car that is probably worth about 50p once it's back on the road? Well like they said about going up Everest:  "Because it's there!"

We dragged this old Renault off a farm in Cumbria, where it had been stored outside next to a barn from 2008 onwards. Look at the state of the bodywork! We decided to go ahead with this crazy project after we had a discussion about the status of the Renault 20/30 model in Britain today. When did you last see one? We couldn't remember either, but certainly no later than the year 2000!

The good news is that structurally speaking, it is in good order and in that regard she can be rescued. Oddly enough, despite it's protracted hibernation, it fired straight up once we got some fuel in her! We have done some fundraising on other websites that has provided enough money to replace the brake lines and tyres. However, having weathered 9 Cumbrian winters, the body work on this car is truly dire! I have managed to locate suitable replacement doors, tailgate, rear valance, bonnet and sills. 

We just need the funds to obtain said panels, get the welding done, paint the new panels the same colour as the rest of the car. None of us who work on this project have any hope of getting anything like the sums required together. The great news is that this car becomes MOT exempt in May next year, we just need to get her into a safe and roadworthy condition first!

A sharp intake of breath? Well we believe that saving the last example of a car you remember from childhood is kind of a Heritage project, certainly it will add character and charm to the street scene wherever it goes!

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