Charlton Manor's Community garden Project

Tim Baker, head teacher of Charlton Manor Primary School envisaged the concept of a community area for growing and cooking healthy food at Woodlands Farm

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

This is the site for the food growing garden

Health and well being is an important factor in life. As parents you want your child to be eating a healthy meal and have knowledge of what they are eating and where food comes from. Schools, parents/carers, communties are working together to provide good nutritional meals for children as we know that what a child eats willl effect their academic ability. The project will involve children and their families, faith groups and the wider community.


In many ways we are victims of our own success and with such an abundance of choice and easy access to all manner of food stuffs, many arguable unhealthy, it is easy to see how a problem with health is being fostered in the long term. It therefore seems imperative to create social awareness of healthy foods and general well being.

Families will have somewhere to go in the school holidays where they know their children are safe, can take part in gardening and other fun activities, prepare meals, and enjoy a healthy family meal together.


Getting the site up and running is the first stage of the project. This includes presenting plans and drawings of the garden area, preparing the ground for cultivation and growing, consturcting garden features, creating a fully functional food growing garden, set up workshops and eduational activities and set up a farm shop. The second stage will be creating a kitchen/deli cafe.


Your money will help us buy a number of objects for the garden such as raised beds, fruit trees, pots, gardening tools, wormery, potting benches, soil, bricks, blocks, cement, fruit cage, poly tunnels and other garden features. Money raised will also help us set up the farm shop.

  Tim Baker head teacher with Chris Collins, Olivier Blanc and head teacher of Christ Church Primary School

We thank you for any support you are able to give, we have a great range of rewards and invite you to have a look through them to the right.