Charlotte and Killian-Phonix' Adventure

Charlotte and Killian-Phonix' Adventure

To raise enough money for a camper van so that Charlotte and Kili never feel like they are trapped in one place ever again.

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So, Charlotte has now been in hospital for seven straight months in total. She spent 2 months in hospital toward the end of the pregnancy and now has spent the last 5 sitting, sleeping and living by Killians bedside. 

Needless to say it has driven her a little stir crazy and watching someone like Charlotte, a free spirit, an earth loving, nature indulgent traveler being cooped up in a hospital has been heartbreaking. Like watching a tropical bird caged. It has been hard for Killian-Phoenix too, who is already so aware and so alive he wants to take everything in. He wants to see things, learn and explore (if you even try and lie him down while hes awake you better be wearing ear plugs because he's determined to know whats going on)

So a few weeks ago I made a plan and a vow and said to myself that, once they are both out of hospital I will make sure that they never feel constricted or restrained ever again. Ever. It's not fair. So I want to buy Charlotte a camper van. A road vehicle she drive anywhere, park up and have a bed and a kitchen to make a meal in. I want her and Kili to always feel like, should the mood strike them, they can just up and out and go. Go anywhere at any time. Never be held or bound to one place ever again. Let the free birds out of their cages.

The only problem is money. Charlotte is 30 this year, in a few weeks time (she probably won't be pleased with me telling you that) and I, unfortunately due to the last few months of living in Hospital and commuting between Derby and Birmingham, don't have anywhere near the £2,000 - £3,000 it would cost to buy a decent Camper, so I thought I'd ask for a little help. Anyone who has followed our families journey over the last five months, spanning 10 wards, 5 hospitals in 4 cities, 11 General Anesthetics, 9 major surgeries, 2 very tired parents and 1 very brave little boy will know just how far they both have come and how much they deserve a present that Daddy can't quite afford. They are my inspiration and my heroes so, although it's cheeky (and yes I know how cheeky it really is) I just want to make Charlotte's dream come true. So just a little help would be greatly, greatly appreciated. Apologies about the essay, thank you in advance and thank you for reading.