Charlotte and Daniel's Summertime wish

Charlotte and Daniel's Summertime wish

Welcome to our project, our children's Summertime wish x

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Welcome to our wish.

We moved into a house recently, which has in its garden the promise of years of fun ahead. The previous owners converted an outdoor swimming pool into a huge koi pond. Our neighbours all tell us of pool parties hosted at the house with very fond memories.

Our wish is for our children Charlotte and Daniel in the coming years to put the life back into our garden and renovate the space into an incredible child friendly summertime dream (less fish, more fun as Charlotte put it). 

Charlotte and their friends thought about putting a donation box on the house gate, so we will do that, but decided to take that one large step further and ask for our new friends to help us reach their goal.

We want to host the next generation of pool parties for the kids growing up and their brilliant group of friends (and their parents who have supported us so much) and have grand plans for pool, summerhouse, treehouse, climbing wall and slide.

We would love you to be a part of this dream and have a few ideas to reward those of you that help us.

Many thanks for reading our post, heres to a summertime wish coming true x