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by Charlie Victor 19 in United Kingdom

Charlie Victor 19


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To raise money to purchase PPE - Personal Protective equipment for UK's care homes/voluntary organisations/charities/carers/homeless people.

by Charlie Victor 19 in United Kingdom

This Covid-19 crisis will bring the whole world together. We will all take a step back and re-assess our lives. Some deep questions we will ask ourselves - What are we doing here? Do we have a purpose? How can we make the world a better place?

So at home watching the news, recently there has been talk of the lack of PPE - Personal Protective Equipment. As of April 2020, I believe there is now somewhere in the system enough PPE going to the brave NHS. However, lower down the 'food chain' are the care workers/care homes/voluntary organisations who I believe have little or no equipment. I have been talking with people from this industry. Some I connected after listening to their stories on the news. 

So my plan is very simple. 

Get a plane, fly to China, fill up with PPE, fly back, handover to Army, help distribute to the people who need it. 

All I need is these people who need it the most to send me their 'shopping list of PPE' so I can start making a list.

I would like the help of the Chinese Embassy in UK to help me coordinate the landing in China etc and the British Government in the logistics when I return with the goods.

Yes I will be at risk of catching the virus - but I believe the end goal is worth this risk. 

I have been to China many times before. There will be some manufacturers who will donate for free, some will sell at cost and some will want normal prices. Thats up to them. We just need the PPE.

Money should never be a hurdle. So to fund this mission, I am looking for the great British public to fund this through Crowdfunder. Hopefully, there will be 1 or 2 very successful entrepreneurs who will resonate with my mission and donate a plane or money. 

During the second world war, there was the 'Dad's Army'. Well now its the turn of the 'Children's Army' or 'Grand-Childrens Army'. We all know someone who works for a care home, has a relative in a care home or some voluntary organisation.

Remember if we can save one life, all the effort would have been worth it.

Keep safe and spread the word about this cause. Thank you.

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