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Project by Leslie Robinson

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Charities have really suffered under covid, with many near to closing. CharitySaver is here to help these charities survive.

A message from our founder:-

"The past 12 months have been the hardest many charities have ever faced. Cut off from most of their normal fundraising just when their services are needed more than ever, has pushed many charities to the edge. CharitySaver has been built to save them, and to protect the rest.

I cashed in my pension pot to get to CharitySaver ready for launch, but now I need to ask for your help. Every single pound you donate will help us expand our programme, to save more charities and, as a result, save lives, save animals and change peoples lives for the better… please help." [Leslie Robinson]

The aim of the CharitySaver programme is in the name… to save charities.

By making it cheaper and easier than ever for a charity to collect digital donations, and by helping them reduce costs, we can save many from having to close. If every UK charity used CharitySaver for their fundraising we calculate that the UK charity sector would save £4.5 Billion per year, thats more money to fight Cancer, to save animals, to combat homelessness, the list and benefits are endless.

But saving charities is only a part of it. We believe that donors should be rewarded as well, which is why we have created the "donor club" where donors can generate real cash benefits, from discounted services through to cashback agreements, with the money going into their own charity "account" for them to use to make further donations or to spend on themselves.


Charitysaver's unique model allows us to stand head and shoulders above every other existing fundraising platform, to truly be a Charity Saver and, for the first time, to deliver tangible benefits to those kind enough to support charities with donations.


CharitySaver's management team (and Trustees) includes experienced Charity trustees, a Magistrate and successful businessmen/women… having over 100 years combined experience between them.

Finally… Every penny raised goes to supporting our charities and, if we have a surplus, then that money will go into our "grant pot" to help the very worst hit charities.

Thank you for reading to this point, please support us and become a "Charity Saver" so that we can help even more charities continue their good work


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£50 or more

Free donor club membership for 2021

Free donor club membership for 2021 including all the benefits gained thereof, such as HMRC tax relief claim, cashback offers, lower costs (discounted) from suppliers, and more being added as we progress

£150 or more

Corporate Donor

Free corporate donor club membership for 2021 including all the benefits gained thereof, such as Corporate giving certificate for CSR, recording of all donations for CT relief, lower costs (discounted) from suppliers, and more being added as we progress

£300 or more

Website "Wall of Fame"

Your name listed on our website "Wall of Fame" page showing all of the wonderful people who have enable us to save charities (plus you also get free donor club membership for 2021)

£1,000 or more

Corporate Sponsor

Your company name (plus 200 characters to describe your services) on the corporate sponsor section of our "wall of fame"

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