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On 7th Jun 2017 we successfully raised £535 of £500 target with 14 supporters in 28 days

My great grandma has recently been diagnosed with Dementia, she has always been a fun, loving and banter filled lady but seeing the affect that the disease is having on her is truly heartbreaking. I was admitted to hospital a while back and was sitting next to an elderly lady who continuously tapped her ring on the metal bars on her bed - IT DROVE ME CRAZY!! I sucked it up for about an hour but in the end had lost my rag and whipped back the curtain. The poor old lady was sitting there in tears, so I asked what was wrong - she told me she hadn't received a letter and was terrified that something had happened to her husband and asked if I heard the sirens yesterday, straight away I thought 'this ones lost it' but then it clicked and I asked her what date she thought it was... she told me 1978.

Not many people are sympathetic towards those who are suffering and simply dismiss the symptoms as 'old age' or label them as 'crazy' without taking a second to acknowledge that this is something that they cannot help.

I have always wanted to do a sky dive so why not combine it with a good cause. Dementia is caused by complex brain diseases and Alzheimers Research UK are there to fund pioneering research that hopefully understand what exactly is the cause and discover a way to prevent or cure it.

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