Charity Rally for Cool Earth & WWF (15,000 Miles)

by Alex Lam in London, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 9th August 2019 we successfully raised £300 with 1 supporters in 28 days

We're going to drive from Czech Republic all the way to Mongolia to raise sustainability awareness for our environment.

by Alex Lam in London, England, United Kingdom


After one year of drooling over the veteran tales on the internet, we decided to bite the bullet and joined the infamous Mongol Rally.

Serving mountain trail as the appetizer, deserts as the main course and isolate villages as the dessert, the Mongol Rally is a charity rally that traverses through some of the most remote terrains on the planet. 

Starting in London and ending in Ulan Ude, Russia, the Mongol Rally covers over 15,000 kilometers (⅓ of the Earth).

Doing the Mongol Rally is like surviving the wild west. There is no rule, no defined route, a vague time limits. The only goal is to reach the finish line Ulan, Ude Russia.

The rules of the rally are as follows

  • A small (shitty) vehicle with less than a 1.2-liter engine
  • No set route, no set plan - you are entirely on your own
  • Raise at least £1000 for charity


Mongol Rally is for a good cause. If we treat the world as our playground, we may as well take the responsibility upon us to take care of it. 

We're going to donate 50% of the proceeds to Cool Earth and the other 50% to WWF

Cool Earth - Coot Earth is the charity that works alongside indigenous villages to halt rainforest destruction. Cool Earth doesn’t create reserves or put up fences. They don't buy land. Instead, they put indigenous people back in control of the world's most endangered rainforest. 

WWF - The world’s leading conservation organization, WWF works in 100 countries and is supported by more than one million members in the United States and close to five million globally. WWF's unique way of working combines global reach with a foundation in science, involves action at every level from local to global, and ensures the delivery of innovative solutions that meet the needs of both people and nature.


  • 6 WEEKS 


Metaphysical Lobsters

The name Metaphysical Lobsters was inspired by the fact that according to some researchers lobsters can be classified as “Biological Quasi-Immortal” animals, thus giving this species a somewhat special metaphysical status. Since we like the idea of not dying during this long, challenging trip, we decided to put this team name to shield us from misfortune. 

BP (The Secretive Pub Philosopher)

This lobster is a master of resourcefulness and not known for his hygiene during travel. After cramming over countless hours of metaphysics into his tiny crustacean brain, this lobster has completely lost in time and space. During the haze, this lobster came up with the idea of joining the Mongol Rally. But don’t be mislead by his intellect, your girlfriend is his girlfriend.

Best with garlic butter.

Alex (The Six-Figure Hobo)

Walked out from his comfort zone many years ago, this lobster is known for his entrepreneurial skills. His fuel in life is the question of “What’s next?”. After meeting Lobster Hugo in a full moon party in Thailand and taking a questionable amount of an illicit substance, this lobster joins the team.    

Best with Dijon mustard.

Hugo (The Clueless College Dropout)

After meeting Lobster BP in a shady corner of the deep web, this Lobster decided to become his young Padawan. Lobster Hugo is famous for his predatory behavior towards the opposite sex in his home country. Nonetheless, after his last traumatic romantic misfortune, this lobster decides to crawl out from his lonely hub and hops on the closest Fiat Panda. Besides feeling existential angst, this lobster is doing just fine.

Best with white wine sauce.


In exchange for sponsorship, we can offer the following depending on which sponsorship package you choose:

King Lobster Sponsor - £1000+ value donation: 

  • 2 huge car stickers
  • 5 photos that mention your product/service that you can use for Instagram/Facebook
  • Brand mention in the Metaphysical Lobsters’ Mongol Rally Documentary video

Wizard Lobster Sponsor - £500+ value donation: 

  • 1 large car sticker
  • 3 photos that mention your product/service that you can use for Instagram/Facebook 
  • Brand mention in the Metaphysical Lobsters’ Mongol Rally Documentary video

Not only will the car sticker with your company logo be seen throughout Europe and Central Asia, but you will also be able to post the videos and photos we produce in your social media. Above all, you will be making the world a better place by indirectly donating to charity.

This diagram illustrates where it will likely be placed the sticker for each level of sponsorship.

Example of car photo/video with the sponsor’s logo sticker.

Example of product placement in photo/video for a sponsor.


We are excited to work with you and hope we can make this mutually beneficial.

In order to contact us please e-mail: 

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