Charity Great Wall of China Trek 2018

Charity Great Wall of China Trek 2018

To raise funds for the Zoological Society of East Anglia which helps in conservation efforts locally and internationally.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

My name is Lucy, in May 2018, myself and other volunteers will be taking part in a trek along the Great Wall of China to raise funds for the Zoological Society of East Anglia (ZSEA). ZSEA is a relatively new organisation and was founded in 2013 to promote worldwide animal conservation. Its aims are to help conserve some of the world’s most endangered animals as well as educate people about them, and their work takes place both internationally and locally. Successes include successfully breeding Siberian Tigers and Grevy’s Zebras and creating protected areas for Snow Leopards in Mongolia. They rely mainly on the generous donations of the public.

The trek will take place over 7 days, scaling both restored and unrestored parts of the wall. It will be tough, trekking, steep ascents and descents for several hours throughout the day in sunshine and torrential downpours, but will be worthwhile as it will raise funds for a cause that is becoming ever more prevalent in this day and age. With population growth and the expansion of many towns and cities, human animal conflict and loss of habitat is an everyday threat to many species. The work of conservation societies like ZSEA can help this but not without essential funding, which this trek can help to provide.

My goal is to raise at least £3250 in total to help with the cost of the trip but the majority will go directly to ZSEA. I have already raised some in other sponsorship and fundraising and am asking help raising £1500 in donations to ZSEA. I am not sure what I can offer in return of your generous donations other than updates of my adventure through blog posts and lots of photos.