Charity Chariot -a helping hoof for horses in need

Charity Chariot -a helping hoof for horses in need

We are raising funds to repair a horse trailer for Blairgowrie Riding for the disabled. They are a self funded group who will benefit hugely

We did it!

On 1st Feb 2018 we successfully raised £325 with 19 supporters in 56 days

Charity Chariot - a helping hoof for horses in need

Chosen Charity 

We have received some fantastic news! ❤️

‘Charity Chariot’ have selected us to be the recipient of a refurbished trailer as part of their charitable fundraising venture! This is what they had to say in their announcement earlier today:

“After a long hard think about all of the nominations, Blairgowrie RDA stood out to us as being the most in need of this trailer at the current time!!
Thank you to everyone who nominated and has liked and shared this project!!
To move it forward and to progress we need donations to run this project again to help another charity would be amazing so please like and share this and donate even a £1 would be amazing if we could double the funding we could help two charities!!!”

Thank you Charity Chariot! We are so excited to have been chosen! Having a trailer has been on our wish list for some time and having one will make a massive difference to our riding group. It will allow us to continue lessons through the winter as we will be able to transport the ponies to a nearby indoor arena. It will also open the door for us to allow the children to take part in competitions, both at RDA specific competitions and at local horse shows. What a confidence boost that will be for our young riders! Both the children and the ponies will absolutely love that!

As you all know we are just a small group run solely by volunteers and public donations. Charity Chariot are still raising the funds to pay for the trailer. It would help greatly if you could like their page and share it amongst your friends. Donations would be brilliant too! Thank you ❤️

About us
We run Powys Equine Trailer Specialist and have decided to run this project to the help people who can’t afford to get there own transport. 

The project 

We are trying to raise the funds to repair a horse trailer and donate it to charity for FREE we have given the trailer and out time!! 
The trailer that we have decided to refurb with your help and donations is a 2006 Cheval Liberte it is in essentialy very good condition with our expertise is trailer repairs it will safe for many years to come.
We have set up this page to cover the material costs, aluminium flooring and replacement panels, Steve will be giving his time for free.
Our aim has always been to make travelling safer, this will be a fantastic opportunity for someone less fortunate with the help of the wider horsey community!

Who we are 

We’re asking for pledges so we felt it was only right we introduce ourselves even if we don’t like talking about ourselves ????
Hello I’m Nikki!
I am the co-founder of Powys Equine Trailer Specialist and The Shoe Man both based in East Ayrshire!
I have 3 children 4 including Steve ???? we live on a farm (zoo)! We have 8 horses and the list goes on and on.. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????
When I get the time I like to compete, dressage and Showing are what I enjoy the horses however prefer being field ornaments!
The horses are all shapes and sizes and from lots of different backgrounds (some in shocking condition or with human caused problems) I am the last chance home for a few of them :( I have one homebred who I bred for selfish reasons after spending a lifetime fixing other peoples problems!!
The base of our business has always been to promote safer travelling for horses, owners and other road users. We’ve been in Scotland two years now so only just getting our name known up here!

Hi I’m Steve

I’m the other half of Powys Equine and The Shoeman!

When time allows I enjoy a different horsepower altogether! I get a perfectly good working car, strip it out, bung a roll cage in it and wreck it on a banger racing track. All in the name of some charity or other! I don’t use all power petrol engines (I’m a diesel tech, I prefer torque) no smoke, no poke ????????????

Used to play in goal for local Saturday and Sunday league sides in Shropshire (recurrent theme of having a screw loose??!)

These days I still enjoy being outdoors, spending quality time with the family (it’s what drove the decision to go self employed).

I get a massive amount of satisfaction from being able to help other people by utilising my skills.

Always willing, mostly able!!

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