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Charity Champion Card
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We support everything local! We aim to raise funding, awareness and support for local charities and local businesses right across the UK.

by Community Champions in United Kingdom

Hi I'm Scott Goodman, I currently work as a wholetime firefighter. As you may be aware, due to years of pay freeze within the public sector many people in my position need to find second jobs in order to support their families. I am no different. However as a firefighter my role within the UK fire service is not one of sales targets, profit margins and making huge amounts of money. Our primary role is to provide assistance to people within our community in their time of need, many of who's lives will have already changed irreversibly by the time we meet them and of course for some people it will be too late. That is why our secondary role is prevention through community engagement, we educate our community in the subject of fire and road safety, we visit people in their homes to ensure they are safe all in aid of preventing those dark days. 

So, some time ago now I decided that instead of just finding a second job to support my family, I wanted to set up an organisation with a similar purpose. An organisation that has the sole aim of helping others and giving back to those who need it most. So I pitched my idea to my Mum, Kate Goodman and a very dear friend of mine, Chris Hunt. I am pleased to say that they are now my business partners and together we founded Community Champions.

What does Community Champions do?

Our aim is to support local charity and local communities in as many ways as we can. Our profits will be distributed amongst the UK's local charities and local community groups who may be seeking funding. We will begin raising funds by launching our first product, the charity champion card. The charity champion card allows everybody in the UK to riase money for local charity and local communities and also has a shared purpose of supporting local businesses right across the UK. Dependant on the success of the charity champion card website and scheme we will begin investing a portion of our profits into housing in order that we may work with local councils and all relevant organisations to assist homeless people off the street and back onto their feet.

The Charity Champion Card?

Check it out - 

The charity champion card website raises money in many ways and incorporates everybody in the UK and all types of charity and all types of business. 

The card itself is a reward/discount card for those among us who volunteer, fundraise, work for or support a local charity or local community. Without these individuals many charities or lcoal community groups simply would not exist so along with our partners we believe these poeple deserve a huge thanks for all they do. A charity champion is able to join the scheme online for free. This gives them access to discounts online and instore with both national and local businesses/traders. 

If however a visitor to the site is not a charity champion there is still a chance to raise money for charity by following the links on our website and spending money with our partners. A percentage of what is spent will go right back to charity and you will still recieve 100% of the value you have spent. 

How is it all types of business?

The charity champion card is not just for high street shops and restaurants. Each business wishing to advertise on the site will become a corporate member. This will give access to our partner hub, where they will have access to business to business discounts as a supporter of the scheme. These are discounts that simply wouldn't be appropriate outside of the business sector.

What about the charities?

Last but certainly not least charities are able to join the site free of charge and advertise their causes, post articles within our charity news section and provide site visitors with links to their own websites and information about how people can donate to their respective charity direct. If our visitors are unsure as to what charities exist in their area or are undecided about what to raise money for, then our find a charity page will help locate local charities. 

Once signed up with us as a charity partner, our charities gain access to our charity hub where we will post advice and news from within the charity sector and provide helpful links to organisations who specialise in helping charities run day to day.

How will we spread the message?

Other than our links with corporate and charity partners alongside a strong social media presence we intend to visit as many events across the UK as we can. There will be opportunities for corporate partners and charities to sponsor different events as we move around the country.

Why do we need funding?

We need funding in order to move our scheme to the next level which is developing an app to make accessing discounts alot easier when on the move and to set about putting together our "road show" so we can get out into the public across the UK and start talking to people about the scheme and building our community. Please support us so we can support local.

Feel free to get in touch with me at any point. If need more information before deciding whether or not to support us. My contact details are:

Scott Goodman - - 07771644252

Thank you.

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