Charity Concert To Raise Funds For The Homeless

by Dan Kelly in Netherfield, England, United Kingdom

Charity Concert To Raise Funds For The Homeless


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I am raising funds in order to hold a charity concert for the homeless, which in turn will also raise further funds to assist the homeless.

by Dan Kelly in Netherfield, England, United Kingdom

Once we have raised the funds we will be able to finalise our plans for the concert and in turn start selling tickets (with all profits benefiting the homeless directly - no admin charges for the charity just money directly to benefit the homeless). All volunteers who work with us are just that volunteers. No one at this charity gets paid or claims expenses.

Most people in day to day life walk past the homeless and think that they must be homeless due to their own doing, through bad decisions that they have made, not paying their rent, being drug users and so on but in most cases that is just simply not true. I meet people on a daily basis who were respectable people in society, people from the armed forces, social workers, nurses, I have even met a judge. 

Life can really throw us a curve ball sometimes and some people are better at dealing with it than others. This however does not mean that they should have to spend the rest of their lives rotting away on the streets.

Please if you can give generously, if you can't please just give what you can and let's give these people a second chance because just remember, things can change in an instant and tomorrow that could be you!

Let's make 'Charity Concert To Raise Funds For The Homeless' happen