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Charities Trust are our official payment partner for our charity fundraising product. They provide us with the payment details of over 20,000 charities. This means we can allow individuals to raise funds on behalf of their chosen charities (your charity).

How to find out if your charity is on Crowdfunder 

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Step 1

Use the search tool below to see if your charity is on our system. 

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Step 2

If your charity is there then click 'Select'. If you can't find your charity on our list, you can add it using the form below and we can get you set-up. 

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Step 3

If you are on our system and have clicked 'Select' then simply click 'Claim' at the bottom of that page. This will connect you with our customer service team.

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Complete the form below to provide our team with all the details we need to start creating your branded charity fundraiser page. 

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Benefits of fundraising with Crowdfunder

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Expert coaching

Expert coaches on hand to offer support and advice

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No platform fees

So more of the money you raise goes straight to your charity

Start crowdfunding

Easy to set up

Set up your fundraising page in minutes

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