Chantage - Mårten Jansson album recording

Chantage needs your help to record a CD of the sublime music of Swedish composer Mårten Jansson.

We did it!

On 31st Oct 2016 we successfully raised £5,015 with 144 supporters in 42 days

Update: We've had our first recording session. See the promotional video by Classic FM.

Why we need you...

Chantage needs your help to record the first album dedicated exclusively to the choral music of Mårten Jansson, an emerging Swedish composer with a unique and beautiful style that deserves to be heard worldwide.

We were immediately charmed by Jansson's music and were surprised to find that this Bärenreiter-published composer did not yet have an album dedicated to his music. We are excited for the opportunity to better disseminate Jansson's choral repertoire to wider audiences on our own record label, but in order to do this, we need your assistance.  

Funding this CD project would help cover the costs of:

-buying published music

-a professional orchestra for the premiere recording of Jansson's 'Missa Popularis'

-professional producers, engineers, etc.

-costs of the recording venue, microphone hire, etc.

-CD printing and distribution

About Chantage

Chantage was formed in 1999 by its Musical Director James Davey, and quickly established itself in London as a stylish and energetic young chamber choir. It draws singers from all over the country and from all walks of life.

Strong commitment from its members has helped forge a growing reputation as an outstanding amateur choir with a national and international reputation, winning BBC's Choir of the Year in 2006 and the Malta International Choir Festival Grand Prix in 2015. Chantage performs a wide range of repertoire, programming works traditionally performed by English chamber choirs alongside lesser known works sourced from foreign choral cultures, such as the music of Swedish choral composer Mårten Jansson

'Jansson expresses his dreamy and richly spiritual sound world with a clear understanding of the physicality of singing' - Organists' Review, 2015

From the composer, Mårten Jansson

'I can not fully express how happy, excited and grateful I am over this upcoming project! To have such an outstanding choir as Chantage dedicate an entire CD to my music is really a dream come true and my biggest international collaboration yet. I do encourage you all to back this project since I really believe that you will enjoy hearing the fruits of this musical meeting for years to come. And if you chose to back this project with the amounts that entitles you to get an original composition from me, then I'll be delighted to work with you in person to make a piece that will satisfy your ensemble.'

We encourage you to explore our website, as well as Mårten's, and hope you find this project of the heart a worthy cause for donation, no matter how small.  To listen to more of the composer's music click here.

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