Chansey's leg surgery

by Billie in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

Chansey's leg surgery
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We need to raise money for Chansey's surgery

by Billie in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom


Recently my partner and I finally brought home Chansey, our pomeranian puppy. He's a very confident and lively boy and has been perfectly healthy until now. On Sunday, he got a fright in the park and ended up with a fracture in his front left leg. He got all set up with a splint on Monday but by the next day he had wriggled out of it. The vet says that the best option is surgery as he might mess up his healing if he refuses crate rest and if he keeps getting out of his splint it could take twice as long. 

The problem is that his new insurance policy was set up on the day of the accident so we are having trouble with the cover. His surgery will cost between £2000-3000 and between the emergency consultation and the x-ray, splint and medicine, we have spent about £450 already. 

My partner has just lost her job in the games industry (shocking, I know) and I am a part-time Master's student on a zero hour contract and minimum wage. It's safe to say we don't have the money - or the money to pay back a bank loan if we somehow manage to get one. 

If you have anything to spare to help out two gays and the most beautiful pomeranian in the world, please do. 

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