Changing Places Toilet

by Made-Well CIC in Hatherleigh, England, United Kingdom

Changing Places Toilet


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Install a Changing Places disabled toilet

by Made-Well CIC in Hatherleigh, England, United Kingdom

Made-Well is a not for profit community interest company which provides purposeful & positive opportunities. We reach out to all people, especially those with learning disabilities, physical disabilities, mental illness & loneliness.

Made-Well would like to become fully inclusive by installing a ‘Changing Places’ Toilet. These toilets are essential for over 240,000 disabled people in the UK and their families. This includes people with profound and multiple learning disabilities, muscle-wasting conditions, motor neurone disease, multiple sclerosis and cerebral palsy, as well as people who have sufferedmajor physical trauma, had a head injury or stroke as wellas some older people.  Changing Places toilets provide a ceiling hoist, peninsular toilet, plenty of space and an adult sized changing table. They not only benefit those who need them but their families and carers too. Anyone one of us could need one of these toilets one day, and those who need them face the undignified reality of either not being able to access the toilet at all or being changed in an undignified position on a toilet floor, putting themselves and their carers at risk.

Providing suitable toilet facilities for those with the most needs will allow people to participate and engage in meaningful activities available at Made-Well and the wider community. We will be able to reach some of our most excluded, vulnerable and socially isolated members of society.  People will feel a sense of community and belonging by getting out of the house, meeting peers and being part of an all-inclusive environment. For people currently house bound, limiting drinks so they can out or undergoing dangerous non-essential surgery the installation of a ‘Changing Places’ toilet would be a life changing.

In the absence of Changing Places facilities, disabled people and/or carers face:

  • limiting what they drink to avoid needing the toilet when they are out – risking dehydration and urinary tract infections;
  • sitting in soiled clothing or dirty nappies until a suitable toilet is found or they return home;
  • having to change a loved one on a dirty toilet floor;
  • manually lifting someone out of their wheelchair – risking safety
  • reducing their time out of the house – restricting their social lives

A lack of Changing Places toilet facilities in the community limits disabled people’s lives. It limits their social, cultural, health and educational options, for who would choose to go to places where the correct toilet facilities are not provided.

The installation of a ‘Changing Places’ toilet will mean people are able to get out and access Made-Well and the community meaning the barrier is removed. The reality for people who need these toilets is that they face great difficulties when accessing places where the toilets are not installed and suffer from unnecessary stress, anxiety and fear over whether they will be able to access a toilet which meets their needs – something that the majority of people take for granted in day to day life.  Made-Well would like to remove that barrier and be fully inclusive. Not only will people benefit from getting out and about, they will meet new people, make friends and connections, increase confidence and self-esteem, reduce isolation, improve health and wellbeing, life skills and much more.

Let's make 'Changing Places Toilet' happen

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