Changing Our Lives With Energy Healing

by Gabriella Nagy in Earley, England, United Kingdom

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My aim is to support others with holistic therapies, such as Reiki and Reconnective Healing. And I need your help to achieve this :)

by Gabriella Nagy in Earley, England, United Kingdom

                         Who Am I and What do I do?

Hello everyone, thank you for clicking on my project.  :) So my name is Gabriella, I am a Reconnective Healing Practitioner, a Reiki level I & II practitioner, I love to work with crystals, I am a yoga teacher, and I also work with Tarot Divination and Shamanic Journeying. i really hope this doesn't sounds scary at all and you will continue reading :). 

I have recently discovered how massage therapy can help us get rid of stress and anxiety, and bring healing on a biological level, activating the body's own capacity for healing. Because I enjoy this type of therapy I enrolled in relaxing massage and Swedish massage therapy courses.1608733362_untitledpost_(2).jpg


As I have gone through my own learning process, and been through depression, not believing in myself, etc. I have discovered a new world after submerging into these feelings and the unknown part of my consciousness, I came out the other side, feeling empowered, worthy, more creative, happier and healthy. 

I didn't really have guidance during my path, and I many times encountered criticism and ill will from others.

I do not wish this on anyone else.

As I am a self-development trainer,  I have worked with children, young adults, and adults, and i have noticed a pattern of separation and trauma in early childhood that later on develops into depression, anxiety, a thirst for power and aggression. 

So my GOALS are to create a SAFE, SUPPORTING SPACE, where people can be themselves and find guidance and tools or relief in order to continue their journey, and create a more loving life for themselves. 


It has been proven by science, and I am living proof that energy therapy has a healing effect on all levels : mind body and soul. but if you don't believe me, and you shouldn't, please try it for yourself. How do you feel after a session of massage, Reiki, singing bowl session, yoga session etc. ?

I want to share my tools that are very down to earth, and easy to practice, so that anyone who requires my services  feel empowered, relaxed and refreshed. With a goal and plan  in mind for their future and life. 



I have 7 years of experience in holistic therapy, 5 years in practicing yoga, 2,5 years teaching yoga.  3 years experience as a trainer. I have worked with international programs and organizations as well. 

I have worked with people living in toxic relationships, women who suffered abuse, people who suffered loss in their family, people who suffered from depression and people suffering from personality disorders.  


First of all I need a really good website, which has a yearly expense of £300 

I would also need technology, a vlog camera and microphone to be able to make free healing videos for my YouTube channel and support the community in this way. 

I also need more tools such as singing bowls, crystals, Koshi chimes to help support my practice. These tools have been tested scientifically and are well-known for their benefits on the body. They help heal depression and any imbalances in the body. I am a creative person and I would love to post guided meditation with sounds in the background, so it would be amazing to be able to make beautiful healing music and be able to record it and post it on to Youtube and share it with others.

I also need a space in the future, to be able to provide services in a professional space. At the moment as you can see on my Youtube channel I do have a very  cramped up little room in my home:) and some tools to make my videos, and I love all of these, but I really wish to progress. 

Thank you for staying with me till the end :) Please do take a look at my channel and try all my healing videos to see if you relate to anything that I do. 

For all who pledge for my project I offer awsome gifts :) be sure to check those out as well. 



This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£15 or more

Oracle Card Reading

For your generosity and support you will receive an Oracle Card Reading to guide you to your next step in life. I will send you a detailed reading in email with the picture and explanation of your spread, about your higher purpose regarding career, love life etc. How the energies are supporting you, and in what way you came to heal and experience your soul in this life.

£5 or more

Reiki Thank you

You will have a big thank you on our behalf on our website, and send you blessings with Reiki for your generosity.

£20 or more

New Years Goal setting

A new Years guided meditation to let go of the past and see the new path and journey that is the most beneficial for you, that brings you the most joy and fulfillment. With energy support either Reiki or Reconnective healing.

£25 or more

surrendering to Change

A beautiful guided shamanic journeying or ceremony depending on the individual needs, with crystals, smudging with sage, shamanic drumming and rattle, to let go of all obstacles in order to live our highest path in life. Sometimes we don't allow ourselves to live our lives to the fullest, and we feel guilt or shame or a mental blockage whenever we want to change something in our lives. So we will shed these qualities and focus on the new.

£33 or more

Reiki Healing

For your generosity you will receive an online Reiki healing from the comfort of your own home. The session will last 30 minutes, and you will also receive a channeled information if there is one for you at the time. What is Reiki Reiki is a beautiful loving energy, that heals and balances our emotional, mental and physical bodies, bringing healing, calmness and relaxation to us.

£55 or more

Reconnective healing - 1 hour

For your generosity you will receive a 1 hour long Reconnective Healing Session, with channeled information at the end, regarding your life at that moment. You will also receive a thank you, and your name will appear on our social media as our supporter.

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