Change Please is looking to purchase a new van!

by Cemal Ezel - Change Please in London, Greater London, England

Change Please effects transformative effects on the lives of homeless people by training and employing them as Baristas on coffee carts.

by Cemal Ezel - Change Please in London, Greater London, England

We did it
On 13th January 2017 we successfully raised £20,350 with 23 supporters in 59 days

“If you change where you buy your coffee, you can change the world.”

Tell us where you'd like our new van will be!

Change Please and our model

We believe in the transformative power of trade and paid employment to improve the lives of disadvantaged people.

 We know that there is a vast number of highly capable people who happen to be homeless. We find exceptional people who happen to be homeless and train those individuals that are ready to move on, to be baristas.

 We have found an innovative model to instantly reduce homelessness through entrepreneurship.

How our model works

  • We receive a referral from one of our voluntary sector partners
  • We train the potential Barista in; making coffee, cash handling, customer service and the other skills required to be successful on the vans
  • We assess any additional needs that the Barista may have and design ways of supporting them with these
  • We offer a trial on one of our vans
  • We offer a six-month contract and seek to find onward employment for them after this
  • We offer additional support for example occupational therapy or help with opening bank accounts.
  • We offer support with housing, e.g; paying deposits, underwriting tenancies, providing references and direct payments to landlords

What makes our work special

We pay the London Living Wage and provide full training to an SCAE level. We also provide support with housing which means our staff are helped immediately and this provides a solid foundation on which they can be successful in their employment with us.

We make an immediate impact on people’s lives, not through charity or donations but through trade and helping people back into work. We do not replicate other work and we have partnerships through the voluntary, public and statutory sectors.

Our model is innovative, in that it immediately creates a self-sustainable cycle which just through the sale of coffee, puts people back onto their feet and into housing, it also creates the opportunity for our staff to gain employment through our corporate partners.

The impact of one van in a year

The van is a huge asset for Change Please, with which we can support lots of people out of homelessness:

  • Rebuilds lives
  • 2 homeless Baristas a year trained and moved into onward-employment with one of our partners
  • 2 homeless apprentice Baristas trained in catering and food hygiene
  • Can save over £30,000 in council expenditure
  • Adds over £12,000 to tax take
  • Keeps over £40,000 in local economy

We believe that all people have exceptional talents and that there we want to tap into the wealth of experience and knowledge that exists within the homeless community. We have worked with a number of exceptional people and one of our Baristas has said that Change Please was “…like a like out of the darkness.”

The Coffee

Further we are innovating our sustainable coffee can be. We purchase green coffee from Peru who provide jobs for women who were victims of domestic abuse, that coffee is then roasted in London by people who are homeless, then the grounds of the coffee is collected and turned into bio-fuel pellets, our cups are 100% compostable and finally all of our electric is either solar or from Ecotricity. Therefore, we hope we are an example to other organisations that both environmentally and socially we are sustainable.

The Rewards – extra information on some of the rewards

PLEDGE £150 – A Barista training session.

You will receive half a day on one of our vans in the location of your choice. You’ll get to meet the founder of our Change Please – Cemal Ezel – some of our staff and learn the secrets to making great coffee!

PLEDGE £200 – A year's supply of coffee - monthly subscription.

You will receive 12 bags of coffee of your choice of blend.

PLEDGE £300 – Half a day's expert training from Old Spike Roastery.

You will receive some amazing training from our sister organisation – Old Spike Roastery. You will learn about where our coffee comes from, the blending and roasting process and learn how to make coffee from a world class Barista!

The future

The future is about scaling across the UK and also expanding into San Francisco, New York and LA. Homelessness has doubled in the UK since 2010 and the problem is getting worse, we have a way of reducing it and proving that there is more to people who are homeless than the stigma that is put on them. We are doing this by selling INCREDIBLE coffee which is the most environmentally and socially sustainable possible. 

Thank you for your support!


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£5 or more

£5 Reward

A heartfelt thank you for believing in our pitch!

£10 or more

£10 Reward

A free coffee from one of our carts and a feelgood factor!

£25 or more

£25 Reward

A bag of fantastic Change Please coffee, roasted by one of our staff members who used to be homeless.

£50 or more

£50 Reward

A photo at one of our vans with a mention of you on our social media platform. Also three bags of change please coffee adn a coffe for you and one of your friends at one of our coffee vans!

£75 or more

£75 Reward

A coffee hamper with an Aeropress and a supply of Change Please coffee.

£150 or more

£150 Reward

A Barista training session.

£200 or more

£200 Reward

A year's supply of coffee - monthly subscription.

£300 or more

£300 Reward

Half a day's expert training from Old Spike Roastery.

£15,000 or more

£15,000 Reward

Sponsor a coffee van and choose a barista to sponsor as well. You can add your name and a design to the coffee van, and also help us find the individual who is homeless to support.

£100,000 or more

£100,000 Reward

Trip to Tanzania to visit one of our coffee farms which are supporting their community. You will learn the process of how to farm coffee and also support the local community and farm with your knowledge.

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