Change my life!

by Dan Windley in Hull, England, United Kingdom

Change my life!


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I want to change my life, to pay off debts, get my driving license, do LGV training course. A simple career but one that would make me happy

by Dan Windley in Hull, England, United Kingdom

This whole thing is difficult for me to do, I realise the amount of money I'm trying to raise, to me it's a tremendous amount, to some people not so much. I understand this project is to aid myself, and I don't generally know how these sort of things work, but I have no other options. To get a loan you generally need a guarantor, and I simply have noone in my life capable of doing this. My Dad is on Dyialysis, he's in hospital half the week and lives payment to payment, whilst my Mum works part time and the rest of the time she cares for him as well as doing the best for herself. I'm in a position where I am truly financially alone and unable to find work that makes me happy. The money I am trying to raise would be to turn my life around, give me an opportunity to gain the training I need to be in a profession that I would be content doing. I want to pay off the small debts that I have, bringing me back to neutral credit for the first time in my adult life. I want to pay for a crash course, an intensive driving 2 week course that would prepare me for both my theory and practical test, giving me my full license within the month. This will allow me to get a job driving, and hopefully pay for LGV Training (Light Good Vehicle Transport). This isn't an unrealistic goal, I want to live a comfortable, happy, professional and personal life, give my son the stuff I never had growing up and the experiences I was deprived of growing up. I need an opportunity to turn my life around, and as much as I aren't thrilled with this effort, I genuinely feel like it's my last resort. If anyone does want to help, I more than appreciate it! I completely understand and appreciate how big a heart a person must have to see something like this and want to help!

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