Chance for Change in Malawi

Chance for Change is working with unemployed men and women in Malawi to create new and exciting job opportunities. Through micro- enterprise and skill development training in jewellery making, unemployed youth have the chance to create an income for themselves, their families and the community. Our Micro-enterprise Programme has proven extremely successful in breaking the cycle of unemployment and poverty in Lilongwe, the Capital and one of the poorest cities in Malawi, Africa. We need your support so our programme can continue changing lives and creating job opportunities in Malawi.

We did it!

On 17th Mar 2014 we successfully raised £1,505 of £1,500 target with 19 supporters in 35 days

Chance for Change- MALAWI

Chance for Change are running a Micro-Enterprise Programme in Lilongwe, the capital of Malawi to create new and sustainable income generation for unemployed youth.

We train young people in skills such as jewellery making, using 100% recycled materials; cooper is pulled from scrap yards, stainless steel is collected from metal workshops, glass is fired, beads and magazines are up cycled and old watch pieces are given a new purpose. All materials are sourced from the local area to create a collection of truly beautiful and sustainable jewellery.

In addition the micro-entreprise programme teaches young unemployed men and women business skills through experiential learning. At the end of the programme participants have financial literacy, sales and marketing skills, VSL skills, how to write a business plan and can apply entrepreneurial thinking, creative thinking and problem solving skills to everyday situations. 

At the markets!

As a result of the programme all of the young people have been able to succeed financially. After the Christmas markets participants took home over £25, which is more than the average monthly wage in Malawi. This has significant impacts for families and communities. Blessing, a programme participant said, “The effect this has had on my future is just amazing! It’s a step up, and now I feel in control. I have the skills and experience to become a true entrepreneur.”

Up cycled vintage watch and beads

Many of the programme participants have so little money, they could hardly afford a pencil, by using easy to find recycled materials and teaching techniques in enamelling, we have been able to produce stunning items for sale, generating incomes for these young people. 

All the profits of the jewellery sold go straight to participants, allowing them to have their hands up to become young entrepreneurs and break the cycle of unemployment. To find out more check out ‘ChanceforChange-Portna’ Facebook Page.

Please help us continue to run this programme to enable sustainable income generation for families and communities in Malawi.



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